Using Dreams For Story Ideas

Using dreams for story ideas! Learn how to let your subconsious do the writing with this bit of psychology.

Have you ever wondered why people compare the mind to a computer? Well, it is because you can program it for output by what you put into it. Program your mind for writing before going to sleep each and every night. Yes, your subconscious can really be your guide to better writing. Here is your step by step guide to writing in your dreams!

1. Before going to bed, think of a few topics that you have been thinking of writing more in depth on lately. These are often things that you haven't had time to think about more in depth. It is a good idea to have at least three ideas or topics in mind.

2. Tell yourself that you will dream about these topics, so that you may explore the ideas more fully. Tell yourself that you will resolve whatever problems you may be having with these topics, and process the information. Do this right before bedtime. Think these thoughts several times in the hour just before bedtime also.

3. When you get into bed, think of the topics again, (4th time) willing yourself to picture yourself writing about them.

*Make sure that you have a pen and paper nearby for when you wake during the night or in the morning.

4. Drift off to sleep and wait for your subconscious to do your writing for you, so to speak.

5. When you wake up, scan your thoughts carefully, and write anything that comes to you down. Even if you think it may not be important, write it down anyway. This is a good time to do some free writing or some brainstorming really. If you had a dream, include this information. If you have a bold image, startling picture, or strange thought, include this also.

6. If nothing comes to you that is fine. Later in the day, the topics will most likely become resolved almost mysteriously. When something does come to you, write it down. For you, now is the time to get out the pen or go the PC and start typing. Have a brainstorming session and do some free writing with the ideas.

*This really does work. It is a psychological tool to help the creative thinker to process much more quickly. This also works for more common problems like getting your desk organized or catching up on your spring-cleaning.

Instructions on how to get those inspired thoughts and feelings from your dreams down on paper:

1. When you wake up in the morning, write. Now this may not be the best time of day for all writers, but many of us draw from our subconscious or dreams. This means that in the morning the ideas are fresh in our minds.

2. Another thing that helps us to keep our ideas in sight is to write the inspiration down immediately. This means if you are driving down the interstate highway, pushing a cart at the local grocery mart, or trolling about the mall. Always have a small notepad in your purse or shirt pocket if you are a guy. This can even be six inches or so in length for convenience. Plus keep plenty of pens in your pocket or purse.

3. When you are watching television, folding laundry, or helping your child with homework, keep pencil and paper nearby too. Many times we get ideas while doing mundane chores. Our mind is relaxing, so thoughts stream by more easily.

Many times, people complain about writer's block. I was watching a great writing show on PBS the other day and heard an author voice the very same concern that I have in the past. I get too many ideas. My biggest problem is trying to find the time to write all of the things down. I wish that I had a place that I could go like so many great authors were reported to have.

This would be a beautiful little cabin nestled in the countryside. The only noise would come from the birds singing and the murmurs of the babbling brook nearby. In reality, many of us writers do not have the solace of a quaint cabin. No, we write in the midst of chaos many times. Perhaps this article will help you to make sense out of chaos, as it helps you to make money from your dreams!

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