Using Feng Shui In The Garden

Feng Shui is about instilling harmony in your environment, information about applying these principles to gardens.

Feng Shui is all about instilling harmony in your interior or exterior environment. The same principles apply for creating a sanctuary outdoors as indoors. So whether you are seeking to create your harmonious oasis in a patio, container garden, or professionally landscaped lawn, there are three fundamental concepts that will be relevant: energy flow, balance of yin and yang, and the productive and destructive relationships of the five elements.

The Feng Shui garden is naturalistic and low maintenance; native plants are an ideal choice. Straight lines and sharp corners that are frequently found in formal gardens contradict the spirit of Feng Shui and defeat its benefits. In addition, any paths created here should either consist of rounded pavers, or straight-edged pavers laid in either a curvy or herringbone pattern.

Depending on which attributes you are seeking to enhance, the location of your garden will make a difference, as will the elements introduced. Be sure to include a flowing water feature in your outdoor setting, whether in the garden or another beneficial location. A combination of perennials and annuals will also serve to keep the ch'i from stagnating.

If you are looking to improve aspects of creativity and personal growth, to gain inspiration, or enhancements in career, music, or art, then locate your garden in a northern area. This garden is a good place for tool sheds and water features; though make sure that the water is moving and not stagnant. Be sure to avoid using or placing stone or clay elements here. For spiritual growth and development, knowledge, wisdom, or inner explorations look for a northeast locale. Think of things like rock gardens, stone benches, bricks, boulders, and statuary. It may sound odd, but for this type of "garden", you want to avoid plants and trees.

To create the perfect environment for performing your tai chi, for rejuvenation, to enhance family life, or for health and healing, consider creating your oasis to the east.

There are many influential items you can place here, like play equipment, fruit trees, herbs and medicinal plants. Basil is said to promote individual good fortune, lavender has numerous healing properties, and rosemary enhances memory. It will be advantageous to put columns or cylindrical pedestals in this area, just make sure to steer clear of metal items and flowers that are white.

If materialism, career development, and wealth are topping your list of priorities, then you want to place your garden in a southeast corner. Plant a number of showy plants and flowers, as well as including columns and rounded posts. Peonies and orange trees are excellent choices here. As with the "Health Garden", circumvent the use of metal items and white flowers. For happiness and longevity, dreams and achievements, go with a southern garden. This is a good spot for barbecues and fire pits, as well as an ideal location to burn leaves. Ponds, waterfalls, and fountains are best placed elsewhere, but for maximum benefit; consider adding pointed or triangular objects, even pine trees.

Relationships and romance will benefit from a garden placed to the southwest. Earth elements will augment this site, while wooden furniture, gazebos, and fences, as well as the color green, should be avoided. In furnishing this garden, think about things for couples, like seating for two; you can also plant red flowers here to represent love. The western garden will supplement your creativity, your social life, and your children. Place play equipment and outdoor entertaining areas here. Metal items, circles, and arches will serve to promote the energies here, though items symbolizing the fire elements will cause problems. Keep the barbecues, fire pits, pyramids, and sunflowers out of this zone, but a sundial would be perfect.

Finally, if you want to generate a positive energy for those who have supported you, or for international travel, then the northwest corner is the one you want. This area needs statues of cherubs, deities, and angels. Wind chimes are also great for keeping the energy flowing here, but keep the fire elements away, as with the "Social Garden". Remember that no matter what type of garden you plant, you must keep it maintained. You also need to keep pests and diseases out of the Feng Shui garden, lavender and tea tree are good plants to take care of those nasty little destructive bugs. There are also other insects that are advantageous, like ladybugs. One can always benefit by utilizing a living positive force to help eliminate a negative one.

Feng Shui is a great way to bring harmony into your life. Achieving this balance can enhance many different aspects of your being. By applying simple principles of Feng Shui, you can create a beautiful, natural environment that is not only enjoyable, but useful as well. With very little space and very little effort, you will be relaxing and enjoying a nice glass of wine in your own sanctuary before you know it.

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