Using A Hand Crank Coffee Grinder

Find out how to use a manual coffee grinder, or hand crank learn how to make your own by following the easy instructions.

Hand crank coffee grinders were the first ones used by our ancestors long ago. Today, most people opt to use an electric grinder or a mill in order to chop whole java beans. You can still purchase hand crank coffee grinders, though, and some people still prefer to use them. One advantage is that you can still have a fresh, great tasting cup of java in the event of a power failure!

If you're considering buying a manual coffee grinder, or maybe if you got a great deal on one at an auction or garage sale, you might be wondering how to use it. If so, you've come to the right place for the answers you need.

First off, it might be helpful to learn that coffee grinders come in two different types. One type chops the java beans up by using two steel blades. The blades turn in a circle and chop the beans. The other type grinds the whole beans up by using burrs that work together to do the job. Both the steel blades and the burrs are adjustable from fine to coarse settings.

It doesn't matter what type of hand crank coffee grinder you might have. The basic instructions are still pretty much the same. But, the burr type is said to be easier to use and produces a more evenly ground coffee.

To start with, make sure your coffee grinder is thoroughly clean, especially if you bought it used.

You don't want any contaminants getting into your ground coffee. You can remove some parts and safely wash them with hot, soapy water. Usually, there are screws on the top that hold the internal parts in place.

If the outside base is wood, just use a damp cloth to wipe it off. Or, use a wood cleaner. Do not immerse it into water or you can ruin the wood!

Dry the machine and the parts thoroughly and reassemble them again.

Then, before you even start grinding your coffee beans, you'll need to adjust your machine. To do this, find the adjuster which is located on the top. Gently turn it in a counter-clockwise direction until it won't turn any more. Now, gently turn the adjuster back the other way while you turn the handle. You'll hear the steel blades or the burrs rattling against each other inside. Stop turning the adjuster when you don't hear the blades or burrs making a noise anymore. (You should make a half turn or so when this happens.)

Now, add the coffee beans into the opening on the top so they fall into the receptacle. As you turn the crank clockwise, the blades or burrs will grind the whole coffee beans up. The ground beans will then fall into a drawer below. To remove the coffee, all you have to do is simply remove the drawer!

You don't have to wash the internal parts of your hand crank coffee grinder everytime after you use it. In between washings, you can simply add a cup or so of rice to the receptacle. Then, turn the crank and the rice will clean the steel blades and burrs. Then, dispose of the rice and your machine is ready to use! An added bonus is that the rice will help to sharpen the blades and burrs too!

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