Using Headhunting Agencies To Further Your Career

A How to article concerned with how best to use employment agencies and headhunters to find yourself a new job or career.

Using headhunter employment agencies is a great way to have someone else working for you to find yourself a new job, move upwards in your career or switch fields and find that first foot in the door. Employment agencies work for you to find you a job that fits your resume qualifications by using their network of contacts so many doors may be opened for you that you may not otherwise be able to find on your own.

Headhunters do work for both you and the companies that they are trying to find applicants for. Many companies go to employment agencies so that their job search is made more simple. The companies expect that the candidates that the employment agency is sending them is qualified for the position and has already had their references checked and verified. The fee that gets paid to the employment agencies is paid mostly by the company who has the position to fill. The fee is usually a percentage of your first year's salary ranging anywhere from 10% up to 30% depending on your salary level.

To use headhunting agencies to their fullest capacity, make sure you call as many as possible. Many of them have different networks that they work in and a range of contacts that they have worked with over the years. Open the phone book and turn to employment agencies. Scan down through the agency listings and many of them will tell you which fields they specialize in. Calling these first will be your best bet, but often times a general employment firm has many jobs that you would be interested in as well.

When you call the agencies, tell them that you would like to register with them and also tell that what type of job you are looking for. This falls into many categories of either temporary jobs, permanent ones, or temp to hire positions. The first two types are self explanatory, but the temp to hire positions are defined as those in which you go to work for the company, get paid on a temporary basis, and may or may not get converted to a permanent company employee.

After giving the agency some of your criteria, and faxing over to them your resume, salary requirements, travel distance capabilities and other items, you will probably be asked to interview with the agency. This is so that they can get a sense of your personality and interviewing skills. Treat this as you would any other interview and go in professionally. The impression you make will be what they pass on to the employers who are looking for applicants.

Temporary positions are great ways to break into a new field. Being open to these possibilities will probably find you a position more quickly. However, the drawback is that the position may be terminated at any time or be only for a set length of time. Ask these questions of the agency up front as well as the likelihood of the temporary position going permanent. They generally can get a good feel from the employer.

Using headhunting agencies to broaden your career search is an efficient way to have more than one pair of eyes out their searching the job openings for you. Even when you find yourself at a job, keep them updated and tell them you would be still open to hear of new possibilities from them. They may call you out of the blue a year from now if the right job posting came in that matched the key words on your resume in their database. Keep them apprised of promotions or any other developments on your resume so they can look to the next level in your field so that they may find a higher position for you.

Happy Job Hunting and Good Luck.

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