Using The Internet Effectively: Can Google Save You Time?

Explores the question of whether or not using the search engine can save one's time while surfing on the internet.

Over the past several years, has risen from a relatively new and obscure search engine to becoming the predominant internet search website. In fact, some people use the term "Googling" in the place of "web searching". However, is all the hype and popularity surrounding google worth it? Can it really save you time while browsing the internet?

A good place to start when answering this question is comparing the efficiency of using a search engine compared with simply trying to find a website or service on your own. For example, suppose you wanted to find the website for a band you are a fan of, but are not certain of the URL. If you had a search engine like Google set as your homepage, all it would take would be loading your web browser and searching for the name of the band. However, if you just tried different URLs until you found the actual site, it could take significantly longer to get to their webpage. Or for another example, if you wanted to find the lyrics to your favorite song; even if you knew a good lyrics website, you'd still have to load their site, and then search for the song. Using Google to find the lyrics would bring up several pages of lyric websites, not just one - and the user is linked directly to the webpage that has the lyrics on it.

However, why has Google specifically become the most popular search engine? What makes it better, faster, or more efficient than others? One thing that immediately stands out about Google is its simplistic webpage design. There are very few links on the main page, and no unnecessary banners or graphics to load. The advertising on the site is also very unobtrusive, and does not require loading any extra images. These factors not only make the site a little bit faster, but also more enjoyable to use. Of course, the most important feature about Google is its incredibly efficient search algorithms. A page of 10 search results almost always loads within a few seconds, and they tend to be fairly accurate if sufficient search parameters are submitted. While the website or information you are looking for may not always be in the first group of results, Google still provides a very large number of options in an incredibly short period of time.

Finally, Google's wide array of specific search tools allows you to swiftly find a specific image, news article, or a business in your hometown. Since its inception, the developers of Google have added many such features to their website; Google's image search allows you to find a number of pictures matching your search criteria, while the recently introduced Froogle service provides the user with a very long list of merchants selling whatever product you search for - complete with prices and customer-provided reviews of the seller. This is considerably faster than surfing multiple individual merchant websites and comparing prices, and Froogle is just one of many such services that are offered.

While Google is far from perfect, and certainly does not search the entire internet, it is a good bet that if a website can't be found using Google, it would take far more work and time to find it on your own.

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