UTI Herbal Remedy

Learn how to prevent a UTI with herbal remedies.

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection of the urethra and bladder or kidneys. If the infection is found in the urethra and bladder, it is referred to as a lower urinary tract infection. In the kidneys it is called an upper urinary tract infection. This system is usually sterile, but when not emptied regularly or completely from the bladder, urine can stagnate and grow bacteria. Bacteria can also be introduced into the system through the urethra. This is the most common cause of UTI.

If a lower urinary tract infection is not treated, it can reach the kidneys. Kidney infections are not only very painful, but can be life threatening. The kidneys remove toxins from the blood and flush them out with excess fluids. This is essentially urine.

Prevention of this type of infection can be done by reducing or eradicating the bacteria before an infection occurs. The first preventative would, of course, be good hygiene. Beyond keeping the area clean, avoid dehydration. An adult should drink about eight glasses of water each day, and urinate frequently. Frequent urination can flush bacteria out of the urethra and avoid stagnation of urine in the bladder.

Other preventative measures would be to take herbal preparations. Cranberry juice or cranberry fruit extract is acidic, and creates a hostile environment for any bacteria which could be introduced to the urinary tract. Pink grapefruit juice or essential oil has much the same effect. These can be taken in a prepared form or fresh juice can be used. Remember, when using juice as a preventative measure or treatment for an existing infection, the juice should be pure. Do not use a juice blend or "cocktail." The medicinal properties would be diminished. Eight to sixteen ounces of juice a day should be sufficient for prevention.

Healthy kidney function is important in preventing urinary tract infections as well. An alfalfa juice concentrate can improve kidney function, which in turn helps rid the body of natural toxins, and increases urine flow. Another herb which works in much the same way as alfalfa is burdock root. Sarsaparilla and juniper berries or juniper fruit extract can also be added to the list of herbs which can be used to increase urine flow. All of these can be taken together, but it is better to choose a mixture of herbals for an overall balance. Include cranberry fruit extract with alfalfa juice concentrate, for example, to get the benefits of both.

If you are unfortunate enough to get a urinary tract infection, you can treat it with herbal preparations as well. Keep in mind that your doctor's advice should be considered when treating any illness. If you choose to treat your infection with herbals, use any of the preventative measures found above in addition to rose hips and saw palmetto berries or (a.k.a. saw palmetto fruit). Rose hips are a natural antibiotic, and have a high vitamin C content. A special preparation of rose hips can be used to fight any type of mild infection if taken for about ten days. This is the same as many prescription antibiotics. Saw palmetto is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. The two of these taken in conjunction can reduce symptoms, and infection allowing your body to heal without the side effects of prescription drugs.

The preparations mentioned above are easily found at health food stores, or many pharmacies and discount stores. Several companies market herbal preparations, and there are many herbal stores on the internet. If you are interested in making your own medicines, there are also instructions for preparation of herbals available in books and online articles. However, use and preparation of herbals should not be taken lightly. These are medicines, and can interact with both prescribed and over the counter products. Check if there are any warnings of interactions with other herbals as well.

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