Vacation Activities For Children

Where can I find activities for children? Learn how to turn that frown upsidedown and make the indoors fun.

Having the children home from school, many of us now remember why it is that we enjoy their time in class so very much. Many moms are counting the days until summer vacation ends, looking forward to the crisp autumn days of fall when the little darlings will be headed back to school.

You see, when they are away in school for hours everyday, we are able to retain at least some of our sanity for those few, precious hours. Here are some rather creative tips on how to keep your sanity while also keeping your kids entertained.

These ideas will help to occupy your kids whether they are out of school on a short break, an extended holiday, or much feared summer vacation.

Supplies for Rainy Days:

1. Books

2. Coloring Books

3. Paper Dolls

4. Magazines

5. Science or Other Encyclopedias

6. Computer Software that Makes Learning Fun

7. A Sketch Pad for the Budding Artist

8. A Selection of Videos the Kids like

First of all, have plenty for the kids to do. Make sure there are plenty of books! Whether it is a Harry Potter book to read, a Barbie coloring book to color, an artist's sketch pad, or science encyclopedia, keep those brains busy! I always buy extra magazines, workbooks, and coloring books. This should keep them busy on those rainy days.

Have plenty of educational software for the kiddies, and there is no need to tell them that they are to learn. No, let them think they are just fun games! Also be sure to have movies that they like for the VCR. Don't let the boredom monster have a chance to set in and take over.

Keep the snacks that your kids enjoy handy, especially fresh and dried fruit. Granola bars and snack crackers with cheese are another good choice. Be sure to keep these stocked in your cupboard.

Avoid These Snacks!

Snacks with a lot of sugar will make the kids much too hyper and cranky. Try to steer clear of chocolate, candy, cake, and other sweets.

Fun in the Sun

Be sure that they have plenty of outside entertainment too for the sunny days of summer. By this, I mean a trampoline, bicycle, playhouse, four-wheel battery charged cars, swing-set, water sprinkler, or even a little pool.

Create Fun Excursions that are Free

Even taking the cat or dog for a walk can amuse the kids for at least a half of an hour. Take a walk to the local schoolyard for a romp on the playground. If there is a park close, and they are old enough to accompany one another, send them on their way.

Inexpensive Excursions

Of course, depending on the available cash, there should be weekly excursions to the local K-Mart, mall, movie theatre, or the pool. If that is not in your budget this week, allow them to invite a friend over. This too keeps the whining at bay.

One of our favorite things to do is a day at the beach. If you check, many lakes, rivers, and other beaches offer one or two days a week that an entire carload can enter for one, low rate. In our area, it is only three dollars for an entire carload. To save money, pack a cooler with some chips, soda pop, and sandwiches.

Give the Kids Chores

If your kids still come to you whining that they are bored, set them to work. Although it is a great idea to have set chores, giving a child duties on the spur of the moment will also help them learn responsibility. Plus, it will lend a helping hand to Mom and Dad too.

Many children between the ages of five and eleven can and will enjoy helping Mom and Dad. Many little ones love to sweep, dust, and do the dishes. Of course, supervision is a good idea with a younger child. Believe me, this love of cleaning stops around the age of twelve, so enjoy it while you can.

Many young children enjoy folding the laundry. It helps to make chores fun. You might try playing music while cleaning, and sometimes even singing while doing the dishes, dusting or folding the laundry.

Make a Memory!

Be creative! You can make almost any chore into a fun and memorable experience with your child. Grab the pooch and toss him in the tub. Make cleaning the car into an excursion, and have a scavenger hunt! Or get the hose out and spray the kids while they clean the car in their swimsuits. Yes, even cleaning the car or giving the dog a bath can be a priceless memory. Why don't you try to make a memory with your kids today?

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