Vacation Photo Website

Setting up a photo gallery for your vacation pictures is a simple and fun project that the entire family can help with and enjoy.

Making a vacation photo website is a great family project that everyone can enjoy. You don't need a great knowledge of website design to create a gallery, and there are many reliable hosts out there that will display your pictures for all of your family and friends to see. To get started on your own site, use this guide as a reference!

A few basic things are necessary to set up such a site. A camera (either digital or otherwise), medium of transfer between it and the computer (either a scanner or a USB cord), a template (for inexperienced designers), and a host. Generally the last two come together.

Let's start with the camera. 640x480 is a good size for digital photos; large enough that details are clear, but not so large that the viewer will need to scroll sideways to see it. Transferring your pictures from a digital camera is generally done through a USB cord; there should be a plug on your camera as well as on the back or front of your PC. The camera may need to be installed if this is the first time it is interacting with the computer, via the CD software that came with it. For newer operating systems, you may even be able to "plug and play," but it is best to install all related components, just in case.

Next, transfer your photos. Use the software that came with the camera or software included with your operating system to do this quickly and effortlessly - the pictures will save in a folder that you choose the location of on your computer. If you wish, you can use a graphics program to resize, retouch, rotate or flip pictures. Scanned photos, once resized and/or cropped, should also be saved in their own folder, and not immediately over originals, in case you make a mistake and accidentally save.

Next, you will need a host. You can utilize webspace belonging to your friends, employer, ISP or use paid hosting, but there are a fair number of free website hosters out there that offer gallery functions - locate the one of your choice through a recommendation or your own Web research. This is what is recommended for a photo website, since you will be dealing with a lot of images!

You will need to create an account and perhaps choose some attributes for the page's appearance before you can start uploading your photos. When you have completed these tasks, follow your hoster's instructions to upload pictures, most likely by clicking the "browse" button and choosing the files one by one.

If you want to create your own website rather than using a template, software is available that will allow you to do so relatively easily, through a WYSIWYG system. Alternately, if you are familiar with basic HTML, you can write your own code in Notepad or another text editor. Using a template, however, is the fastest and simplest form of creating a photo website, with the added benefit of included hosting.

Once you have uploaded your photos, view your site at the address provided by your host. Ensure that everything looks in order, then share the link with your family and friends!

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