What Is Vacuum Extraction During Delivery?

A vacuum extraction delivery has replaced forcepsand there is plenty to know about this procedure.

Vacuum extraction during the delivery of your baby is something to be armed with knowledge about. This near-replacement of a forceps delivery has its own set of benefits and risks.

The piece of equipment used for vacuum extraction is like a small vacuum attachment. It is a small rounded cup that is placed on the baby's head to help delivery of the infant. This cup attaches to a hose that is joined with the flow of air to produce a vacuum pull on the baby's head.

It might sound frightening to have your baby sucked out of you by a vacuum method, and rightfully so. It has its medical reasons but it can also be overused in the wrong situations, as well as improperly used.

One valid reason for using the vacuum is for a baby in distress while in the birth canal. A baby already on the way out cannot be delivered by a c-section and must be delivered in another manner. If the baby's heartrate is not recovering after each contraction and delivery is expected to be a while yet, your provider may opt for the vacuum delivery.

A reason for not using this method is when a doctor is merely in a hurry for the birth to be done with. Or maybe he just doesn't like to wait. Some physicians think that the pushing stage should only take a certain amount of time and no more. Under these circumstances, a vacuum extracted delivery is likely.

Talk this over with you provider prior to having your baby. Find out how often she or he resorts to using it. If it is a common experience, you might consider finding another provider if that is not the kind of delivery you want. It has potential for overuse just like the time of forceps and caution should be utilized in its use.

Some providers may not be familiar enough with them and not know how to operate them effectively. This is hazardous, too should its need become evident.

Tour your chosen birthing facility and find out where such medical equipment is located and how easy it can be accessed if an emergency arises. Planning ahead is vital to this important time in your life.

A vacuum extracted baby will often have a spot on its head where the cup was placed. It will go away with time but also may developed a bit of a hematoma as an injury has occurred to the baby's head.

Be sure you and your provider are clear about how they expect labor to proceed and under what conditions the vacuum will be used.

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