Vaginal Or Dental Dams

Vaginal or Dental Dams. Vaginal Dams or Dental Dams Use a Vaginal Dam, also known as a Denal Dam for Safer ...

Vaginal Dams or Dental Dams

Use a Vaginal Dam, also known as a Denal Dam for Safer Oral Sex

A dental dam, sometimes called an oral dam, is a six inch square piece of thin latex, (sometimes flavored), that’s available at most pharmacy chains and medical supply stores or via the internet at condom stores. Here’s a photo of the brand Glyde™ Sheer Dams.

The dam should be placed over the entire vulva during oral sex to prevent the possible transmission of the HIV virus from the vagina to the mouth or the mouth to the vagina.(For more on HIV see that page and the links there). It can also be used to prevent the spread of genital herpes.

Always rinse the dam first to remove the powdery talc which should never enter the vagina or anus. Pat it dry with a towel, or let it air dry ahead of time. If you use a substitute, remember that some plastic, like that used for some garbage bags, can contain toxic chemicals that can be toxic your health.

Spread the dam over the entire vulva, covering both the vaginal opening and clitoris, holding two edges of the dam with your hands. During oral-anal contact, use the dam to cover your partner’s anus. Never share the same dam. Never reuse one, and always use separate dams if you are practicing both oral-vaginal and oral-anal sex, because anal organisms can cause infection in the vagina.

Afraid the dam will be to annoying to use? There are some steps you can take to free your hands during oral sex. One reader said she uses scissors and a sews a dam into a pair of panties to create a dental dam holder. Any materials you use should be washable and have no sharp edges.

Remember to use a new dam each time you have oral sex. I have seen 'vaginal dams' in chain drug stores. Those did seem a bit smaller in size, but they do stretch when rinsed. Check out websites that sell condoms for dams, most have them.

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