About Valentine Balloon Sculptures

By Melanie Williamson

  • Overview

    Balloon sculptures are commonly used as decorations and gifts for Valentine's Day. When deciding on a balloon sculpture, there are different styles and features to choose from. This article will outline your choices for you. You can also sit down with a balloon artist to learn some of their techniques.
    About Valentine Balloon Sculptures
  • Types

    There are 3 basic types of Valentine's Day balloon sculptures. There are balloon bouquets, which generally consist of a combination of mylar and latex balloons filled with helium. There are decorations twisted from pencil balloons. For example, you can create a bouquet of flowers out of pencil balloons to give to someone. There are also large room decorations, which can be a combination of pencil balloons with round or heart-shaped latex and mylar balloons.
  • Facts

    Mylar balloons are made from a shiny foil material. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They often have words or pictures on them. They can easily hold helium for several days and are ideal for both balloon bouquets and room decorations. Round and heart-shaped latex balloons are usually semi or completely transparent, and they come in any color imaginable. They can hold helium, but usually only for a few hours. Helium easily escapes through the latex. Pencil balloons are also made from latex but are not designed to hold helium. They are generally used to twist together and create different shapes or objects. This is an art known as balloon twisting or balloon sculpting.

  • Function

    Valentine's Day balloon sculptures can be created as a gift to be given to someone or as a way to decorate. Valentine's Day is often a time for group parties and dances. Balloon sculptures are an easy and colorful way to decorate a hall or room. Although detailed sculptures often require a professional, simple bouquets or center pieces can be created fairly easily.
  • Features

    Valentine's Day balloon sculptures generally utilize balloons in red, pink and white. Latex and Mylar balloons are usually round or heart-shaped. Balloon Bouquets feature helium since they are designed to float. Pencil balloon sculptures are often hearts, flowers or cupids.
  • Warning

    Balloon sculptures are not safe for young children to play with since the balloons can break fairly easily and latex is a choking hazard. Cold weather will make balloons look a little deflated, however they will perk up again once they are brought inside so do not try to add more air to them. If you add more air or helium, and then bring them inside, they will explode. Also remember that balloons can explode for no apparent reason.
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