About Valentine Lollipop Flowers

By Erica Green

  • Overview

    About Valentine Lollipop Flowers
    Valentine lollipop flowers can provide a sweet and unique gift for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day. These goodies are easy to make and fun to give. Several variations and designs are possible, making each Valentine lollipop flower different. This project encourages creativity by making homemade Valentines instead of buying the traditional cards found in stores. These treats show how much you truly care.
  • Materials

    Constructing Valentine lollipop flowers is done from a variety of materials. Determine which type of flower to make and gather needed supplies. Basic Valentine lollipop flowers consists of brightly colored construction paper or card stock, scissors, glue and lollipops. Try using patterned paper with cheerful designs or tissue paper for fuller-looking flowers. Other Valentine lollipop flowers require crushed hard candies, Valentine cookie cutters, Popsicle sticks and small candies to use as decorations. These types of Valentine lollipop flowers require baking and adult supervision. Melt hard candies in the shape of the cookie cutter, forming a lollipop. Gather these together to form a Valentine lollipop bouquet of flowers.
  • How to Make Valentine Lollipop Flowers

    Using the construction paper, card stock or patterned paper, cut hearts larger than the lollipop. Make a pattern for kids to trace using cardboard; it's easier and quicker than drawing. Depending on your time, materials and patience, glue one lollipop to the back of the heart. Create a stem using green paper and glue to the flower. Another idea is to gather four hearts to form the petals, while the lollipop forms the flower's center. Glue four heart bottoms together in a circular pattern. Dry and cut a small hole in the center. Push the lollipop through, creating a stem from the lollipop's stick. Write the recipient's name on a petal or create leaves from green paper and glue to the stick of the lollipop.
  • Variations

    Design a Valentine lollipop bouquet for your child's teacher. Paint a flower pot and place Styrofoam inside of it. Stick Valentine lollipop flowers into the Styrofoam using the lollipop sticks. These make nice centerpieces for the table and fun Girl Scout projects. Add glitter to the petals or curly ribbon around the stick for an extra-special touch. Write items about the person you're giving it to on each petal. Compose a love letter or poem on the petals. Gather several Valentine lollipops and tie a nice ribbon around them. This makes a nice gift for that special someone.
  • Time Frame

    Making Valentine lollipop flowers provides a great activity for a cold winter day when the kids can't play outside. Organization is key to this project. Create a heart and leaf pattern for kids to trace. Assign each kid a task. One child traces, another cuts and another glues; this works well for various age groups. It doesn't take much time to construct a few Valentine lollipop flowers, just a few hours. Once started, it's an easy project.
  • Benefits

    Making Valentine lollipop flowers provides quality family time together. It's an easy project, but does require adult supervision and guidance. It supplies an activity for kids during the harsh winter months. Constructing these flowers offers an inexpensive way to say Happy Valentine's Day. Many of the craft supplies you already have at home, so expenses are minimal. Buying traditional Valentine cards and adding candy can cost just as much. Use sugar-free lollipops when preparing the Valentine lollipop flowers. Kids will never know the difference, and sugar-free lollipops offer a healthy alternative.
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