Valentine's Day Card Holder Craft For Kids

Kids of all ages love making Valentine's Day card holders, and these simple crafts will be fun for everyone!

Kids love Valentine's Day! The cards, the candy, the classroom parties... there's so much about Valentine's Day for a child to love! And, one of the things all kids look forward to is making a Valentine holder for all of the cards they will receive on the big day!

Since getting mail is a very exciting thing for a child, they are sure to love making a Valentine mailbox of their very own. This project can be as simple or as fancy as you choose, and either way, the kids will have a great time both making it, and collecting cards in it.

For each mailbox, the child will need a box, such as a shoe box. If shoe boxes are not available, a cereal box with the back panel cut out, or a cardboard quart-sized milk carton with one side cut out will also work perfectly. Each child will also need a large sheet of red, pink, white, or purple construction paper to make the top of the mailbox. Children can use markers, crayons, glitter, stickers, puffy paints, and heart-shaped cut-outs to decorate the construction paper. Once they have finished decorating it, the ends of the sheet of construction paper will each be attached to one side of the shoebox, so that the paper arches over the opening of the box. Children can then use heart shaped paper cut-outs to decorate the ends of the boxes, being sure to write their names on the ends so that friends can deliver their Valentines. Construction paper or cardboard can also be used to make a flag for the mailbox, which can be attached to the box with a metal fastener.

For fancier, more sturdy mailboxes, fun-foam or posterboard may be used in place of the construction paper. However, an adult will need to use a hot-glue gun or superglue to attach these materials to the boxes. Also, children may enjoy gluing heart shaped candies to their mailboxes for decoration. They might also enjoy copying the phrases from candy conversation hearts on to their mailboxes.

Another fun Valentine's Day card holder for children to make will also use construction paper, fun-foam, or poster board. Children will need to cut out two large, identical heart shapes from the paper. Adults may want to help them draw the hearts, or provide a heart-shaped cardboard for children to trace. After cutting out the two hearts, children will need to cut off the top third of one of the hearts. The two hearts will then be stacked on top of each other. Beginning at the point of the hearts, use a hole-punch to punch holes about one-half inch from the edge of the paper, with each hole being about one-inch from the next. Holes should extend from the point of the hearts, up each side, stopping where the top of one heart was cut off. Beginning with the first hole on the left side, children will use ribbon or yarn to lace the two hearts together. The top of the hearts will be left open for cards to be placed into. After lacing the hearts together, children can decorate the card holder using stickers, markers, crayons, or glitter, being sure to include their name on the front of their project.

Children will also enjoy this very simple Valentine card holder project. Each child will need a solid colored gift bag of any size. Pour red, white, pink, and purple paints onto small paper plates. Children will then dip heart shaped cookie cutters into the paints and press them onto the gift bags to decorate them. After they have finished painting, children can sprinkle the bags with glitter if they choose. If they want to decorate all sides of the bags, simply have them open the bags and stand them on a table to decorate the back and sides. Or, allow the front of the bag to dry before turning it over to decorate the back.

Another creative craft that children are sure to enjoy making will transform a cardboard oatmeal can into a Valentine card holder. Children will need a piece of pink or white felt that is large enough to cover the outside of the can. With the felt laid flat on a table, children will use the heart-shaped cookie cutters and paints, puffy paints, fabric markers, glitter, or felt cut-outs to decorate their piece of material. When the decorations have dried, the felt will be wrapped around the oatmeal can and glued into place. An adult will use a knife or sharp scissors to cut a hole in the top of the can for the cards.

Each of these projects will be enjoyed by children of all ages, and can be simplified or be more involved depending on the age of the children, the materials used, and the amount of adult assistance offered. While construction paper, stickers, and markers may be best for the youngest participants, older children may prefer using fun-foam, paints, and glitter to complete their projects. Regardless of the audience, everyone will have a great time, and will enjoy making their personalized Valentine card holder!

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