Valentine's Day Flowers for Him

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  • Overview

    Nothing says "I love you" on Valentine's Day like a fresh bunch of blooming red roses. However, not every man might embrace that type of bouquet. There of plenty of alternative Valentine flower ideas for him that will not only stand out but allow you to infuse your own personality into the gift. Present him with a flower that can put a smile on his face that lasts long beyond February 14th.
  • Think Outside the Rose

    Valentine's Day is the busiest day for florists across the globe. In the United States alone, over a hundred million rose stems are sold for that particular holiday. Most of those roses are meant for women but there is no reason why men can't share in the flower power. Instead of going the traditional rose route, consider these unique flower ideas for the man in your life. The goal is to make your gift memorable and remind him how special he is to you.
  • Braided Money Tree

    Legend has it that while a poor man was praying for riches he found this distinctively braided "mini-tree" and took it in for some tender loving care. He had a dream to sell the seeds and as a result he became wealthy. This doesn't mean your guy has to become a farmer, but these small feng shui friendly plants offer up blossoming flowers as well as edible nuts. That makes them pretty and practical.
  • Bonsai

    Although mostly associated with Asian cultures, evidence of flowering bonsai type plants dates back to early Egyptian times. This is a perfect Valentine flower gift for any man who has time to nurture and consider the bonsai's beauty. Trimming the branches of a bonsai can be a calming, Zen-like experience. Various miniature environments such as ponds, lakes and fishing piers can be utilized in the pot to fit his personality. This is truly a one-of-a-kind Valentine idea.
  • Lucky Bamboo

    Bamboo has long been considered lucky because of how prosperous the plant becomes. With a little watering and some sunlight, the bamboo's hearty branches and fast growth will make any man think he has a green thumb. Lucky bamboo is luckiest when given as a gift. Two stalks symbolized love while 3 to 6 stalks represent happiness. You can even find bamboo shaped in a heart, just so he'll get the message.
  • Cactus Dish Garden

    If you want to insure that your man won't instantly kill off his Valentine flower gift, a cactus dish garden is the perfect way to go. Miniature desert landscape arrangements can offer up a variety of flowering cactus plants and they don't need a lot of attention. The life expectancy of a typical cactus plant can range from 25 to 300 years, which means there is no excuse for him not to keep this symbol of your love.
  • Potted Palm

    A truly unusual Valentine flower idea for him is the classic potted palm. You could find a small variety of the plant for the corner of his desk but why not think big? Present him with a large, blooming potted palm that will look great in his office or workspace. Wrap a red ribbon around the branches and his potted palm is sure to let everyone know how much you care.
  • Where to Buy

    All of these Valentine flower suggestions for him are readily available just a mouse click away. Among the popular sites for flower buyers are and Additionally, most corner florists will have examples of these types of arrangements. You can even find great flowers and plants at places like Home Depot or Target. If you do think outside the pot, you're sure to find plenty of options because everyone else will be looking for roses.
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