About Valentine's Day Wedding Flowers

By Dee Dee Donato

  • Overview

    Nothing tells a person you love them more than flowers. They are vibrant, beautiful and give off a sweet aroma. Carefully picking out Valentine's Day wedding flowers will send the right message (love to all) and show your creativity. Use this guide to find the right flowers for your Valentine's Day wedding.
  • History

    Today's modern version of Valentine's Day originated as a Catholic feast that honored St. Valentine. As the legend goes, St. Valentine sent a love letter to his jailer's daughter the night before he was to be executed that was signed "From Your Valentine." Sending flowers on Valentine's Day is based on the old tradition of sending flowers to convey a message without words.
  • Flowers of Choice for a Valentine's Day Wedding

    While any flower choice is a good choice to give to have at your Valentine's Day wedding, roses are the number one flower. Roses look and smell beautiful as a single stem or in a bunch with dainty baby's breath. Red roses convey love and passion and are the perfect thing to display or carry on your Valentine's Day wedding. Other flowers of choice include carnations, orchids, lilies, tulips or daisies.
  • Floral Meanings

    Lilies are strong in fragrance and convey purity. Roses can symbolize many things including love and friendship. Carnations can convey a variety of things as well such as adoration, friendship, love, purity and luck. Orchids are a symbol of wealth, love and beauty. Tulips stand for true love and daisies mean purity and innocence. With all flowers, meanings can vary greatly depending on the color. If you are having a Valentine's Day wedding, choose your floral colors and types carefully. Carnations and roses would be a good combination to represent love, friendship and luck.
  • How to Make Your Valentine's Day Wedding Flowers Live Longer

    Flowers are a beautiful decoration for any wedding particularly one that is held on Valentine's Day. Why not help them live long past the wedding by cutting the stems before placing them in water. Dried out stems prevent water from getting up the stem to the flower. Place the flowers in water with plant food and stir. Replace with fresh water every few days. Keep them in a cool atmosphere and out of the way of heating vents.
  • Use Caution When Buying Flowers for Your Valentine's Day Wedding

    Having flowers for a Valentine's Day wedding seems like a great idea. However, check to make sure that those involved with the ceremony do not have allergies. Also, be careful about where you buy the flowers. High-end florists will charge an enormous amount of money for something you can get for far less at wholesale stores like B.J.s or discount stores like Walmart. To save even more money, make the bouquets and floral displays yourself.
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