Values Of Barbie Dolls From The Past And Present

Learn the values of today and yesterdays barbies for the serious and casual collector.

The collecting of Barbie dolls has become far more than a hobby for many enthusiast. For some it is a mere hobby and for others it is almost an obsession. There are so many aspects to the collection that there is literally something for everyone. Collectors have their own lingo and terminology. There is a very distinct way of collecting and recording collection data.

Must know Barbie collecting terminology includes:MIN (Mint In Box), NRFM (Never Removed from Box), MNB (Mint No Box).

Always take a very scrutinizing look at any Barbie before adding her to your collection. Check the condition of the doll and not if there have been any alterations or imperfections. If the doll has been restored or altered, it will not be worth much to collectors. The more original the better. If the doll has been damaged or changed in any way, it will decrease the value. Always observe the date on the doll's abdomen. Remember that it is not the date the doll was made. This date reveals when the mold was created. Be sure that you keep all the accessories with each doll. This will raises the value of the doll. Remember that a doll that remains in the box (NRFB) will definitely be worth more.

Also note any factory made mistakes or inconsistencies. This will also raise the value of the doll, especially if NRFB. Does your Barbie doll have an oily face? This oily surface was due to a different formula that was used making her worth substantially more. If you notice that the ears on one of your Barbie dolls are green that is actually a good sign. Her earrings have created a chemical reaction between the metal studs and the vinyl. The value of the doll is from $50 to $400 in mint condition. The value of the doll NRFB is from $400 to $500.

Foreign Barbies are also great additions to any serious collection. The wet and wild Withney from Venezuela is one of the most rare and values in the $10,000. Three hard to find foreign Barbies: Passeio Barbie from Brazil, Hawaiian Superstar from France, and New Wave Barbie from Brazil.

Some of the most wanted Barbies by collectors today include the first Barbie, released in 1959 and currently selling for $8000, if never removed from box. Another highly sought after doll is the 1996 Pink Splendor Barbie. She is worth $900 retail value alone. The 1997 Happy Holidays Barbies were mistakenly produced with blue eyes instead of the usual green, making this Barbie a must have for collectors also. You could cash her in for $400 to $600. Harley Davidson Barbie (first in series) has a value between $180 and $300. Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) Barbie is currently valued between $100 and $300. Little Bo Peep Barbie is valued between $85 and $195. Madame Du Barbie has a value of around $250. Barbie as Lucille Ball can be valued at $39. Coca Cola Soda Fountain Barbie - value between $195 and $275. 1988 Happy Holiday Barbie - value between $400 and $1000. Great Era Flapper - value between $175 and $200.

Since the advent of online auctions the prices are hard to determine and vary greatly from day to day. What you buy for $200 today may not sell for $150 tomorrow and vice versa. It is very erratic. Always check with more than one Barbie value guide to determine the value of your dolls. Take an estimate among them all and have them appraised if you are unsure.

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