What is a Vehicle Warranty?

By Lashunda Wilkison

  • Overview

    You are about to purchase a new vehicle. The sales person is bombarding you with extra options. You're overwhelmed about the specifications you want, let alone the price tag. You have to decide about a new or used vehicle. The new vehicle has a warranty, but it's difficult to discern what it covers. The used vehicle is not covered by a warranty, but the sales person states that it is an option. It can be difficult to understand all the jargon, but feel reassured that a warranty could be valuable. A vehicle warranty can be a lifesaver in an emergency especially during financial hardship.
  • Facts

    A warranty is a promise by the manufacture that the vehicle will function appropriately. If there are any defects during the warranty period they will be covered by the seller or manufacture. All new vehicles come with a manufactures warranty. Some used vehicles have a partial warranty. The average basic warranty can cover a three to five year period or 36,000 to 999,000 miles. Only four manufacturers cover 999,000 miles basic warranty Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Ferrari. Vehicle warranties will cover inspection, but may not cover installation. It is imperative to understand the limitations of the warranty.
  • Types

    A vehicle warranty comes in many specifications. There is basic, power train, corrosion, roadside guidance and extended warranty. The basic warranty includes all items except normal maintenance issues through the stipulated time frame or mileage. The power train warranty sometimes classified as drive train. This warranty covers the transmission, engine, axles, and drive train. Power train warranties average three to five years and range 36,000 to unlimited mileage. Chrysler has a lifetime power train warranty that requires inspections at the dealership every five years. The longest warranty is usually the corrosion coverage. It is rare for a vehicle to not have this coverage. Ferrari and Maserati are the only manufacturers that don't provide this warranty. A corrosion warranty protects the buyer from any defects to the paint possibly rusting and holes to the body. Many manufactures offer a roadside warranty. If you're every stranded, locked out your vehicle, or ran out of gas the manufacturer will provide you the assistance needed. An extended warranty allows you to obtain a warranty on a used vehicle or to extend your original warranty.

  • Consideration

    There are issues one must consider when reading over any warranty. Be aware of the conditions you must abide by to benefit from your warranty. Many clauses state that if a purchaser refurbishes parts of the vehicle the warranty is void. No warranty will cover normal wear and tear. When contemplating an extended warranty take head the cost and the company's history. Take in consideration how long you plan to own the vehicle. That plays an important part when purchasing an extended warranty. It would be useless to purchases an extended warranty on top of the manufacturers if you don't plan to own it very long after its ended. In an extended warranty you may have a deductible.
  • Significance

    It takes research to purchase a vehicle. You compare several vehicles and the reputation of the automobile maker. It can be time consuming wondering if you're making the right decision on a vehicle's price. You may be afraid of the affordability over the length of ownership. Buying a vehicle is of course a large investment and worrying about repair cost should be the last on your mind. That is why a vehicle warranty is an insurance plan given by the manufacturer. A vehicle warranty is one item that reflects the purchaser's decision.
  • Benefits

    A warranty can relieve financial stress during times of an automobile emergency. You're given the reassurance that your vehicle will operate according to specifications. It's not a battle to find a reputable automobile shop, because you have the option to go to the manufacturers dealership. Many dealerships will guarantee the work they provide. If you are in an unfamiliar place the benefits of the warranty can be a comfort in that type of situation.
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