What Is A Vent-Free Fireplace And Do You Recommend Them?

What is a vent-free fireplace and do you recommend them? Vent-free fireplaces are not usually recommended because of the potential health hazards associated with BTU's and ventilation of air pollutants.

I don't personally. A vent-free fireplace usually means it is small enough and gas burning, so that you not triggered by the threshold requirement for venting. Think, for example, of a gas stove in the kitchen. You're not required to vent it typically unless it is a huge commercial gas stove. This is because it has enough space in the house and enough ventilation that the fumes from the gas are not going to be a health hazard. In most cases, though if you put two gas stoves in the kitchen, you would have to vent them both because then you would trigger that threshold and too many BTU is burned. And this has happened in too confined of a space that you have to have some venting. So a gas fireplace is small to begin with, its going to be under that threshold and it does pollute. It is pumping the product's combustion into the house and it can't be healthy even if you do ventilate its not as good as pumping those pollutants up the chimney.

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