Vent-Free Fireplaces And Stoves

A vent-free fireplace might be for you if you want the warm look of a cast iron woodstove or fireplace in your home but not the expense and hassle of installing a chimney.

If you've ever wanted the beauty of a fireplace or the warm look of a cast iron woodstove in your home but didn't want the expense and hassle of installing a chimney in your home then a vent-free fireplace or stove might be for you. A vent free fireplace or stove is one that is fueled by propane or natural gas and requires no outside venting source because of the highly efficient way the fuel is burned. Vent free stoves and fireplaces provide the warm beauty of licking flames and are excellent sources of heat. You can purchase a simple faux cast iron stove model at your local home improvement store for as little as three hundred dollars or go all out for a fireplace including the mantel for less than three thousand.

Vent free stoves and fireplaces use imitation log formations that are made from a ceramic material to provide the illusion of burning wood. The stoves operate without the use of electricity and this makes them a perfect emergency heat source. You can purchase units that come with wall mountable thermostat controls or simpler versions that let you regulate the heat with a dial. There are even some models that provide heat regulation by remote control. Most models come with a push-button ignition system that works much like your outdoor gas grill.

The versatility of vent free stoves and fireplaces makes installation a breeze. Since you don't need a chimney or vent to the outdoors you can put your stove virtually anywhere in your home from a bedroom to your basement family room or even dad's workshop. Most stoves need only a small margin of free space surrounding them for safety and fireplaces can be placed right up against the wall. Anywhere your gas or propane company can run the thin fuel line is a potential area for your fireplace or stove. In most cases you will only need a very small hole drilled into the wall for the fuel line to be threaded through. Vent free stoves and fireplaces do get hot however and you should be sure to keep flammable materials at a safe distance and use proper safety measures to insure that pets and small children don't get too close. Some people like to put down hearth bases for an added realistic look but these aren't necessary as there will be no spitting embers to worry about. A stove or fireplace of 30,000 BTU's can heat an area up to 1,000 square feet!

If you already have a fireplace but you are tired of the yearly maintenance and risk of fire you can purchase vent free inserts that will fit right inside of your existing fireplace. You can enjoy the same warmth and beauty without the hassle of carrying in wood and cleaning up and disposing of messy ashes.

Some people might be wary of carbon monoxide build-up with the use of vent free fuel burning but these units pose little to no risk of carbon monoxide build-up. The high efficiency with which these units burn fuel means that very little carbon monoxide will be released into the air and all units are equipped with a device called ODS which automatically shuts the unit off if carbon monoxide levels become elevated. The ODS device is set to shut the unit off when levels are well below those that could be dangerous. All homes should be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors to protect your family but an extra detector in the room that holds your stove or fireplace will give you added peace of mind.

Although most building codes will not allow you to use your vent free fireplace or stove as your sole source of heat it can be an excellent source of supplemental heat that is inexpensive and easy to install. For a relatively small expense your family can enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fire for years to come.

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