Versace Fashion And Style

All about the Versace designer fashion label's style in clothing and accessories for men and women.

Looking for something understated, and traditional?Then fashion from The House of Versace is not for you, no way, not now, not ever.And that is okay because Versace feeds a decadent style that encompasses a European glamour and a sexy rock-star attitude.Versace appeals to a world of artists, actors, and fashion aficionado's.


Probably the most famous and memorable images of Versace style is the mid 1990's presentation of Elizabeth Hurley's tight black Versace gown held together up each side with safety pins. The revealing dress caused a stir and showed the world that Versace was innovative and daring in his fashion sense and approach.It also established Hurley as a bit of a vixen and Hollywood glamour girl.


The Versace label suffered a dramatic change in ownership in 1997 when the founder Gianni Versace was murdered in Miami Beach.Fortunately the reins of design were handed to Donatella Versace, Gianni's sister, and she understood and agreed with her brother's style.Donatella has continued to create the aesthetic that was originally established.Sensuous, clingy, revealing and bold the fabrics, silhouettes and colors project confidence and sexiness in one directed, focused and raw force.

Originally started as a men's line, Versace expanded to include a women's line.The men's and women's line both reflect Versace's reverence for the costume, history, and modern art.Versace was an accomplished and impeccable designer.His interests in fashion drove him to incorporate modern materials into high style creating a whole new spin on the body and fashion.Using plastic, metal mesh, and leather, Versace took popular culture mixed with high fashion and the result was an innovative, pioneering presence.

Gianni Versace will be remembered for his flair and daring.He brought a "zing" to the world that introduced art and sense of "street smart" to an industry sorely in need of a "pick-up".His work extended to costumes for the opera and ballet, accessories, jewelry, perfume, home furnishings and dinnerware.

A hit with the celebrity universe, Versace worked his connections there well.His fashion shows were often media affairs.His clothes worn by the most famous of rock-stars and movie stars - Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Prince, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, Elton John.His most famous of clients was Diana, Princess of Wales.

Although Gianni is no longer with us, his sister continues merging art, popular culture and fashion in his spirit.Their mother, a dressmaker, can be credited with training her children in the art of design.She taught Gianni tailoring skills and no doubt blessed the other children as well with her knowledge and skills of addressing the body.

Donatella was a designer in her own right prior to taking the reins of The House of Versace.She has made it past those first years after Gianni's death to reveal her ability as capable, focused, and innovative as her brother.


The advent of the supermodel flourished with Versace and his innovative and media frenzied style.So the next time you see your favorite supermodel sashaying down a catwalk or starring in her own television production, or a celebrity wearing a revealing gown on the red carpet, remember Gianni Versace.His daring has been taken to heart by the fashion and entertainment world.

Dress Versace without the expense by using these ideas when you dress:

­- Daring

- Plunging

­- Sexy

­- Well constructed, Well cut

­- Revealing

­- Wild prints

­- Mixed materials - metal mesh, leather, plastic, satins, silks

­- Innovative bindings, clasps, zippers

­- Body defining

­- Glamour

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