Victorian Tea Party Invitation Wording Samples And Ideas

Your Victorian Tea Party invitations can reflect the type of party you are having with these sample wording ideas.

Tea gained popularity in England during the 17th and 18th centuries.In those days, there were two variations of tea parties: Low Tea and High Tea.The upper class, which mostly had Low Tea time, would have the party elegantly presented, with a fancy teapot and matching teacups, and dainty silver spoons.They would spend their time enjoying conversation or talking about business.The working class in England would have a High Tea, usually in the late afternoon.High Tea was less formal, and was intended to tide over their appetites until a late dinner.They would drink tea and eat some light snacks.Nowadays, if you want to throw a Victorian tea party, you will be combining aspects of both the High and Low tea party styles.Your party will be elegantly decorated, and you will serve light snacks and enjoy the conversation of your guests.

You should send out invitations about two weeks in advance.Victorian tea parties usually have a relatively small guest list because you want everyone to be seated at one table.Decorate your invitations with lace and ribbon.Use your personal computer to print the invitations, and select a font that is script and old-fashioned looking.Here are some ideas for how to word your invitation:


Miss Amanda Elaine Burgess

Would like to extend her cordial invitation

To a Victorian Tea Party

Saturday, the First of July

At three o'clock in the afternoon

Hosted at her Home

On Twenty-two Montague Circle.

Copenhagen, Vermont

Fine teas will be brewed,

And delicate finger sandwiches shall be enjoyed.

Regrets, please call 555/555/5555


Lady fingers, watercress,

Small white doilies, lovely guests.

Join us for a Victorian tea party

Hosted by Lady Simmons

Dress to impress and she'll provide the rest!

Sunday, October 3rd at 4:00

111 Smith Avenue East

Lakeville, PA



Victorian Tea Party

You are invited to a centuries-old traditional tea party

Sandwiches and lady fingers will be served.

Please wear formal 18th century styles.

Time: Wednesday, June 12th

Where: 545 Violet Blvd.

Plainville, New Jersey

(Stacy's Home)



Little Ladies Victorian Tea Party

Because you are such an elegant little girl,

We would like to invite you to learn about the history of tea parties

By joining us for an authentic

Victorian Tea Party

Wear a fancy dress

Cookies and Fruits will be served

Saturday, January 25th at 1:00

At Mindy's house

55 Brown St.

Poxy, Virginia



Please join us for a Victorian Tea

Bridal Shower

Sunday, May 1st

Celebrate with our elegant bride-to-be

Over tea and crumpets

Cocktail Attire

Hosted by the maid of honor, Cynthia James

At 16 Nicola Way

Verbank, NY 12465

RSVP by April 25th

555 555/5555


Sara is turning six,

And since she is growing into such a fine young lady,

She is having a Victorian Tea Birthday Party!

Girls, please wear a dress or a skirt.

Boys, please wear a shirt and tie.

Cookies, Cakes, and sandwiches served.

Parents are welcome to join us!

Sunday, September 12th

55 West Hollywood St.

Loyal, Massachusetts

Call Maureen: 555-555-5555

Victorian tea parties are a fun way to celebrate a little girl's birthday, a bridal shower, a baby shower, or just a plain old afternoon!Set up two tables: one for your guests to sit at, and the other for the food, which is served buffet-style.Set the guests' table with a lace doily (as a placemat), a teacup and saucer, a cloth napkin, silverware (break out the good stuff), and a dessert plate.As far as food goes, finger foods have always been popular for tea parties.Scones, cookies, and sandwiches are great choices.Try some unique sandwich ideas, such as a watercress sandwich or cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, and slice the sandwiches into five small strips.For a children's' party, you could use cookie cutters to make shaped tea sandwiches.You might want to offer beverages other than tea, and you should always have decaffeinated options available.If you are hosting for young children, you could substitute the tea with apple juice - just have tea available for their moms and dads!Coffee, lemonade, and water refreshments should satisfy everyone's tastes.Enjoy your traditional Victorian tea party!

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