Victorian Wedding Favor Ideas

Ideas for favors to give to your guests at a Victorian themed wedding reception.

So you have the perfect high necked dress and long flowing veil.The Victorian mansion is booked for the reception.The musicians are ready to play classical music, and a

gorgeous three tiered cake is on order.Seems as though you have everything for a traditional Victorian wedding.What's left?Some unique decorative touches that will

make the happiest day of your life the picture of romanticism and charm of the Victorian era.

The Victorian decorative style is filled with florals, lace and bows.Not all brides in the Victorian era wore a traditional white wedding gown.Most simply wore their best dress for the occasion, dressing it up with a veil and orange blossoms.When Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown in 1840, Victorian girls followed her example.The tradition of the wedding favor was originally a piece of the wedding cake that was boxed up for the guests to take home.Small cakes were often used and small gifts were baked inside the cakes.Each gift had its own special meaning.The following verse is the traditional meaning of all the gifts:

"The ring for marriage within a year;

The penny for wealth, my dear;

The thimble for an old maid or bachelor born;

The button for sweethearts all forlorn."

When guests tired of getting their hands messy with cake, the favors became what we see today. Modern wedding favors are usually candy or a small treat for the guests.For

unique wedding favors, try to find some mismatched tea sets and look for delicate cups with floral patterns.To make each favor special, look for different styles and patterns in the cups.Fill each cup with blue Jordan almonds and decorate the cups with lace and bows.Your guests will appreciate the extra attention to detail and marvel over the

thought and effort that went into making each favor different from the others.

Fabric covered music boxes are another unique idea for favors with flair.If you can't find music boxes find some small wooden boxes and cover the top with fabric.Look for

fabric that is floral and fits in with your color scheme.Make sure that the fabric is thick enough to cover the wood underneath.Fill each box with almonds and voila, fabulous

wedding favors.

Try some cameo chocolates for another wedding favor.Simply fill a net bag with either almonds or chocolates and decorate with lace and bows. Tiny decorative fans are also a

nice touch and keep with the Victorian feel to your reception.These are some simple solutions for your wedding favors, but can be as beautiful as you want them to be.

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting when you think of all the wonderful touches to make the day special.Favors may be a small consideration, but with a little time and

effort they can go a long way to making a special day beautiful and original.Have fun with your big day!Make it memorable.

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