All About Viking Brand Sewing Machines: Basic Parts And Accessories

Learn what the advantages and disadvantages of owning or buying a Viking sewing machine are, as well as the different models, parts and hardware accessories that are available.

There are definite advantages to owning a Husqvarna Viking sewing machine, no matter what model you choose. Far from the old fashioned pedal machine, the newest in home machines are the ones which have a mini computer. With this new technology, a push of a button or two creates professional button holes, blind stitches, double stitching and even over locking. Viking sewing machines come with a hard shell carrying case but can also be permanently set up on a sewing table. Although almost every Viking machine features a wide variety of stitch functions, drop-in bobbin, assorted feet, needles and small tools, various models combine these options with additional choices such as one-step buttonhole performance or blanket stitches. Even more functions can be had with any number of accessories, some which are built into the machine, some which are attached manually. One of these is the universal tension which allows you to switch stitches without worrying about adjusting the tension. This is a fabulous feature which takes the worry out of deciding how tight or loose the stitching should be. Another item which adds ease to the entire sewing process is the snap-on feet. Whereas some models require you to use a small screwdriver each time you need to remove and replace the foot, the feet on the Viking machine are easily removed, quite literally, in a snap. The foot on the Viking is adjustable, too, so going from heavy denim to sewing delicate lace is effortless.

The one-touch reverse feature makes it simple to backstitch, permanently tacking seams. Many other brands of machines have a tray which slides on or off, allowing easy access to small areas, like cuffs. With the Viking machine, this detachable tray also serves as the accessory storage. It can hold several extra bobbins, small tools, screws and extra needles. For additional storage, the sewing boutique kit holds 50 spools of thread and has additional compartments for scissors, snaps and such. Some of the additional accessories offered for these machines are the ruffler, which gathers the top layer of lace or fabric as you sew around necklines and cuffs, the quilting feet kit which is a handy set of free motion and walking feet for quilting. There's also an assortment of "wizards", such as the ribbon wizard, which lays perfectly smooth ribbon without gathering, or the elastic wizard which keeps the elastic properly taut while attaching. Feet accessory options include the zipper foot, a one-piece slender foot which makes zipper insertion a breeze, the double stitch foot which guides you as you sew two stitches at the same time, a welt foot, which has a built-in groove that allows you to insert cord, and a darning foot which prevents sock or sweater fabric from being pulled into the bobbin case while darning.

If you're a beginner at sewing, Viking offers videos on how to get started with basic sewing and even videos on quilting. If you travel abroad with your sewing machine, Viking has 2 different voltage converter transformers which allow you to plug your machine up to foreign outlets which use other than 110 volt power. No matter what features you're looking for in the latest models of sewing machines, Viking has it. If you want a blind hem, you can purchase a foot which rolls and hems the fabric, keeping the stitches out of sight. Seam gauges allow you to sew perfect seams every time. The zig-zag foot keeps fabrics from sliding as you do back-and-forth stitching. Although Viking machines are not inexpensive, they offer the latest technology in sewing, along with any and every accessory that any one interested in sewing would ever need.

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