Vitamins From Food Vs. Supplements

A comparison of vitamins found in natural food vs. those found in bottled supplements. Will include convenience, nutritional benefits and selection.

In this day and age of "fitness riders" and "ab slimmers", it may seem obvious that people are becoming more health conscious. There is an increase in health related infomercials for vitamin supplements, which promise everything from an enhanced bustling to endless energy. With all this confusing information, consumers have been tempted to use pills in place of sensible eating. Here's a few things to keep in mind when you are tempted to skip the salad and pop vitamin pills. Reasons for pill substitution include time constraints, bad experiences being forced to eat certain foods and inflated health claims brought to the consumer by eye catching advertisements for health and beauty by some companies. Natural foods can be fast, tasty and provide great health and beauty benefits. This information will help consumers who want to improve their vitamin intake to make informed choices.

While synthetic supplementation can be beneficial to some people, many do not realize that it is far better to get vitamins and minerals from natural foods and juices. Reasons for utilizing fresh food as a primary vitamin source include efficiency of use by the body, ease in selection, toleration, and taste.

Taking a vitamin does mean a quick dose, but by consuming enough nutritious food to get the equivalent means the nutrients are going to be processed more naturally and are far less likely to wash out of the body. By "washing out" of the body, I mean the quick elimination of a nutrient because of non-absorption due to solubility issues, nutrient degradation or just because the body cannot absorb the "quick dose" fast enough. Due to the fact that a large quantity is taken, usually just once a day, the body may not be able to process it fast enough. The opposite may also happen, if the body is processing nutrients and there is an inadequate water intake to cleanse the body tissue, toxic buildup may result. This is not a danger when one introduces nutrients into the body through natural foods.

Many of the supplements available today use fillers and binders to hold them together, plus coatings on the tablets themselves. These are products the body does not need and will not use. Some people find they are allergic to the dyes and fillers used in vitamin pills. Conversely, the body uses the fiber that binds fruits and vegetables. Often the "skin" of a vegetable, like the potato, is the most nutritious part.

Vitamins come in different brands and it is hard to keep up with the recommended doses and types. Picking out natural food is less complex, as it is easy to remember that whole foods provide good nutrition, such as a medium sized orange will provide 100% of daily requirement of vitamin C. Although some say that eating nutritious food on the run can be difficult, portable salads, fresh and dried fruit, and fruit juices, such as V-8, provide handy way to get natural vitamins on the go.

In many cases, combining supplements can counteract their effectiveness and can produce stomach upset when dealing with the taste and smell of some supplements. On the other hand, a variety of fruits and vegetables enhance the flavor of a nutritious meal and the roughage aids in digestion. Some people who had bad experiences with overcooked, soggy vegetable as a child may enjoy some vegetable raw or juiced. Today's average supermarket provides a selection of healthy vegetables from the mainstream to the exotic.

If one's goal is to reach or maintain a healthy weight, eating fresh food is key to a weight loss plan. Choosing a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will do much more for a body than a Big Mac and a One a Day Vitamin. Skim Milk or Yogurt and a Banana can be enjoyed as easily as a Slim Fast Shake for Lunch. As an added benefit, people who get in the habit of choosing healthy foods continue to benefit from good nutrition long after a vitamin bottle is empty. Also, eating fresh fruits and vegetables help hair, skin and teeth stay attractive and healthy.

In conclusion, taking supplements may provide some nutrition, however, the quick dose may be toxic, how much to take may be confusing, fillers and binders may not agree with system and often time they just smell and taste terrible. Conversely, deriving vitamins through a healthy diet is natural, does not wash out as fast, comes in healthy casing, and can be prepared to agree with your lifestyle and palate.

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