How to Volunteer to Help Troubled Kids

Anyone who wishes to help troubled youth can volunteer. One volunteer opportunity is mentoring. There are organizations in most communities that aim to improve the lives of children who are at risk. Mentoring opportunities are available at the YMCA and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Mentoring children can involve taking them to the park, helping them find productive methods of directing their energy and even helping with homework.

  1. Contact a local, troubled youth organization and obtain information about volunteering opportunities. Many places have websites on which volunteers can find information and applications.

  2. Fill out an application and take it to the local facility. Because mentors will be working with troubled children, most organizations require a criminal background check. This ensures the safety of the children being mentored. Be prepared to provide references and other personal information.

  3. Meet with program counselors and discuss what the program entails. Some topics that may be discussed during the first meeting may include activity ideas, background information and mentor expectations.

  4. Participate in the training program. Mentoring a troubled child is an important task and should not be taken lightly. Training programs help guide mentors in interacting with the youth and will provide useful skills. Many troubled child live in environments that spark behavioral problems and mentors should be prepared to deal with such issues.

  5. Set aside some time for the program. Mentors must be willing to put in a set amount of time with the children.

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