Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Collectors

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fans keep the film elevated to cult status. Read on for interesting info about Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea collecting.

The film Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was released in 1961, and from 1964 to 1968, the 110 episode television series followed. Decades later, fans of this nautical/space film keep VTTBOTS elevated to cult status. Read on for interesting info about Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea collecting:

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Collectibles

- The Film

The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie, produced by Irwin Allen, is a must have! This is the essential item for any Voyage collector. Look for older VHS versions, and more recent DVD features. 20th Century Fox's DVD includes the movie, static nautical menus, and the theatrical trailer. For fans of director Richard Fleischer's inner-space adventure Fantastic Voyage, there is also Fox's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/ Fantastic Voyage double feature DVD, which includes both films.

- Magazines

Vintage magazines and photo guide books featuring Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea reveal an interesting look at the movie and series during their debut time periods.

Today's science fiction and fantasy nostalgia magazines are a good place to look for Voyage features. If you don't find something on the magazine racks, look for catalogs of old magazines and issues.

- Comic Books

An adaptation of the movie in comic form was produced by Dell Comics, and released just before the movie premiere. Later, Gold Key Comics produced an adaptation of the television series.

- Model Kits

Hobbyists may find interest in VTTBOTS models kits: the 1:300 scale model of the Sea View, and the Flying Sub at 1:160 scale require assembly.

White lead die-cast models by Comet Miniatures are completed by the application of paint, and are less rare than the full assembly kits, as they were produced more recently.

There is also a movie version of the Sea View at 32", and a Flying Sub at 12". Both are vacuum form and resin.

- Movie Posters

Movie Posters are great items to display. They have artistic value, and they take up little space. If you are looking for old Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea posters, you will pay a considerable price for them, and they will be harder to find than more recent reproductions. Keeping movie posters framed, and protected behind Plexi-Glass or glass, will not only enhance their beauty, it will preserve them for years to come.

- Fiction

There have been a number of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea books published. Raymond F. Jones and Leon Jason Studios 1965 hardback TV edition is quite popular, and based on the first season of the series.

In 1965, Pyramid Books published Paul W. Fairman's City Under the Sea. This novel has an original plot line.

Fanfiction is produced by amateur writers, and consists of original stories, and alternate versions of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Enthusiasts commonly post fanfaction online. It is for enjoyment only, and not to be distributed for profit.

Where to Find Collectibles

The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea collector can utilize a mixture of resources. Stores, events, and web resources provide ways to build collections, and to meet other fans.

- Conventions

VTTBOFS, and retro science fiction conventions are great places for fans to meet and network. If there are no Voyage events in your area, and you have some time to dedicate, consider organizing your own.

- Comics and Memorabilia Stores

Call comics and memorabilia stores before you visit to ask about specific items. If they don't have something, they may be able to point you in the direction of other places that do.

- Cult Movie Stores

Cult Movie Stores are good places to look for Voyage merchandise and collectibles.

- The Web

You have only to plug "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" into your favorite search engine, and you will have countless links to fan sites to explore. Also, check out the auction sites.

- One Last Tip!

Keep an eye open for Voyage producer Irwin Allen's other projects. Inquire about Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea where you find Lost in Space, The Time Tunnel, and Land of the Giants memorabilia.

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