Wallpaper Crafts

Wallpaper can be used in a variety of unique and creative ways to decorate the house or for gift giving. Just take some spare wallpaper and a little imagination and see what will develop.

Does your home need a little perking up? Have you ever tried wallpaper? Sure it makes a difference on your walls, but that isn't the only place. All it takes is a little creativity and the willingness to try something new.

The best part is that you can go to one of the outlet type places that sells wallpaper cheap and buy some that is out of date for some of the projects, or you can buy enough to redecorate the entire room and make it all look pulled together and coordinated. Look around your home and you will find all sorts of places to add a little fun, color, or coordinating by using wallpaper in some rather unique ways.

Do you remember making paper fans in school? Well, why not use the same technique to make a fan to hang on your wall? Just take a roll of wallpaper that will suit the decorating scheme of the room you want it for, and fold it like you would a fan. Then secure with staples or tape it near the bottom with clear tape and tie a ribbon around it so that the fan will stay pleated.

Once you get it pleated and fixed to stay, you can add flowers, beads, or more ribbon. You may even want to try the colored hot glue or beads to make designs on the fan. Use your imagination and the theme of your room to make it your own creation.

But don't stop there, look around for other ways you can use it. Do you have an old file cabinet that sticks out like a sore thumb? How about using a little paint and wallpaper to redecorate it so that it blends in better with the decor of the room? You can wallpaper the sides and top. Then either paint or wallpaper the front to match. If you paint the front a solid color and use a pattern on the sides and top, that matches your room's wallpaper, you will have a wonderful storage solution that doesn't look as out of place.

And if you need more storage spaces, but really hate the look of the cardboard or plastic storage boxes, why not take wallpaper and cover it? They can be used to store almost anything and still not look so out of place. You can take small sections of different types of wallpaper for the decoupage look or simply cover it with one type of wallpaper.

If you need more room in your kitchen for storage, go to the local discount or dollar type store and purchase some of the plastic drawers that are stackable. You can cover the sides and tops with wallpaper and then even use small cut outs on the front for a little more decoration.

You can apply the same principle to cabinets, bookcases, entertainment centers, and much more. If you have a cabinet that has a finish that leaves a lot to be desired, a little paint and wallpaper can go a long way to making it look new. It works especially well for a country type decorating style.

If you are one that likes to fix up flea market or yard sale finds, just pick some wallpaper that will go with the theme of the room and get to recovering it in a new and fresh way that will be sure to get some interesting remarks from family and friends.

You can even use it on some cheap flower pots to make them look like the more expensive variations. If you use more than one pattern that coordinates well, you can have a wonderful addition to your decor without spending a lot of money.

Don't forget that wallpaper can be used to save money on gift giving also. Not only can you craft some of the wonderful home decor items you would use for yourself for family and friends, but the wallpaper can be used for decorating the gifts also.

You can take wallpaper and shred for use in packing gifts that need either packing materials in a box or in a bag to help conceal the gift until time to open the gift. You could use all sorts of small left over pieces which would not even have to actually match. That would give you a wonderful multi-color party type look.

If you don't have wrapping paper, don't fret. Wallpaper makes wonderful wrapping paper for gifts. It is much stronger than most wrapping papers and you can mix and match for a wonderful coordinated look. You can even use the same type of wallpaper that you use to make the gift. Then you can personalize it with ribbons, beads, and colored hot glue to make it even more of a one of a kind gift and gift wrap.

You can use wallpaper in many different ways to decorate around your house, or to craft gifts for friends and family. Just make sure that you use the correct glue for adhering to the surface you are putting it on. Other than that, just use your imagination to create your own unique gifts or home decor items using inexpensive wallpaper.

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