Warning Signs Of Labor

What are the signs that you are in labor? And when should you go to the hospital.

After the eighth month of pregnancy, time seems to past by slowly. As your belly gets bigger, your patience get shorter. We can't wait to give birth to our little one! For first time moms this can be a scary experience because we don't know what to expect the first time we go into labor. Labor is when your cervix begins to dilate and becomes thinner: making room for baby to pass through. As first time moms, we have many questions. What does it feel like? How will I know? The following will give you signs that you are going to labor.

Have people begun telling you have dropped or lightened? This is when the baby positions his/herself for birth. You will notice that you can breath normally again if you have.

Are you having back pain? As your contraction become stronger, you may start feeling them in your back.

Take a walk. Do you feel that the contractions are getting stronger? This is a sign you are in labor. If your contraction become weaker, it is a sign of false labor.

Bloody Show. This when your mucus plugs falls out and it has some blood in it. This is a sign that the baby is coming within the next two days.

Has your water broken? You know when your water breaks, when a clear odorless liquid rushes or oozes out of your vagina. Get ready this is a sign that the contraction will become stronger and closer within six to twelve hours.

Do you have a compulsive urge to clean? This is also known as nesting. When you become closer to going into labor you have more energy and for some biological reason, we clean.

Has your constipation gone away? Alternatively, have you developed diarrhea? It empties your bowel to make more room for baby. (Hint: If you don't want any embarrassing, accidents request an enema at the hospital before you deliver).

You should ask your physician when to go the hospital. Each hospital has different criteria, check with your birth coach.

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