Wash Cloth Crafts

There are a lot of different crafts that you can make using wash cloths and a few other accessories. Here are a few of them with instructions.

There are a lot of great crafts and gifts you can make using wash cloths. Some of them are extremely simple and others take a little time but you can bet the recipient will be very impressed. Fold a wash cloth into thirds and lay a bar of unwrapped soap in it. Now bring the wash cloth up around the soap and wrap a pipe cleaner around the cloth. Attach a large silk flower and you've got a cute shelf decoration.

Purchase pretty, thick wash cloths and sew two of them together. Turn right side out, stuff and sew shut. The pillows are small but great for an infant or a girl's doll crib.

A nice gift for a wedding is to monogram or otherwise decorate towels and wash cloths. Sew the appliques on or use fabric glue to attach the decoration to the wash cloths. Instead of using appliques you can also embroider a design onto the wash cloths.

It's easy to make several different animal shapes from wash cloths. Roll a wash cloth up by starting at one corner and stopping in the middle. Turn the cloth around and roll the opposite corner up and stop in the middle. Fold in half with the edges facing outward. Pull the two ends straight up then place a rubber band an inch away from the fold. This will resemble a bunny that you can now enhance by adding a lace collar or button eyes.

To make a cat or a dog roll the ends of the wash cloth up tightly stopping each one in the center. Glue or stitch the two together. Place a bar of soap flat down on a table and begin pinning the wash cloth to one of the short sides of the soap. Pin the washcloth across the top of the soap and down the other side leaving the bottom of the soap uncovered. Roll a second wash cloth into a ball shape and glue or sew the wash cloth closed. Glue or sew the second wash cloth to the first at one corner. Tie a wide ribbon or tiny dog collar around the neck area. For a dog craft cut felt ears and tail of black, brown or white. Glue into place. Glue on button nose, silly eyes or whatever enhancements you'd like. For a cat use felt to cut pink nose, tail and ears. Use pieces of fishing twine or small stiff wires to make whiskers. The soap allows the animals to stand on their own for a cute bathroom decoration.

To make a fish wrap an oval shaped bar of soap in a wash cloth then tie a rubber band at the end of the soap. Arrange the corners of the wash cloth in the shape of fins. Use craft eyes to glue onto the face and a tiny sliver of felt for a mouth. Use felt for making side fins then glue them to the wash cloth. You can then use a stiff wire to insert from under the fish through the soap. Place the other end of the wire in another bar of soap to hold the fish.

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