How To Wash And Polish A Car

Washing and polishing a car properly can prolong a car's appearance. While this seems a simple task, there are some easy yet important steps to follow.

Washing and polishing a car is a fairly easy task if care is taken to do the job properly. Here are some suggestions for doing the best job in minimum time with maximum results:

---Choose the right soap for washing the car. Household or laundry detergents are not recommended since some contain harsh abrasives and chemicals that can mar the car's finish. Even dishwashing detergent is not recommended since many contain various chemical additives that can damage car paint. Soap specifically manufactured to wash cars can be purchased at any auto parts store.

---Never wash a car in direct sunlight or while the motor is still hot.

---Hose any excess dirt from the car exterior. If possible, using a high-pressure sprayer is best. This will help to dislodge stubborn dirt and debris.

---Use a soft sponge or terrycloth towel to lather the car, starting with the roof. When the roof has been cleaned, rinse the soap off completely. Repeat this process with each side of the car, including windows, tires, etc., doing one side at a time. Washing one side of the car at a time will prevent soap from drying on the car before it is completely washed.

---After all sides have been washed and rinsed, rinse the entire car, beginning with the roof.

---Using a soft dry towel, dry the car thoroughly, starting again with the roof and doing all four sides one at a time. Extra dry towels may be needed for this as towels become saturated with water.

---Using another towel, wipe all chrome and metal until water spots are removed.

---Clean windows inside and outside with window cleaner or a solution of water and white vinegar.

Before beginning to polish the car, read the instructions on the label of the product you have chosen. All waxes and polishes do not have the same instructions for use. Polishes come in several forms. You may wish to check with auto parts store personnel to decide which best suits your needs.

Here are some general suggestions that apply to most car polishes:

---Always choose a shady area to polish a car. This helps prevent streaking.

---Only work on one small section of the car at a time.

---Use a soft terrycloth towel or specially-purchased cloth to apply the polish.

---Apply polish with a circular motion. Then allow polish to dry to a haze.

---Using another dry towel or cloth of the same type, buff the polish.

---Adding extra layers of polish is not necessary since each layer added removes the previous layer.

---If road tar adheres to any area, remove with a small amount of WD-40 on a soft clean cloth. Wipe off quickly and rewax the area.

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