How to Wash a Tempur-Pedic Mattress Cover

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    Purchasing a Tempur-Pedic mattress is an investment for your health and sleep habits. It makes sense to protect your investment by treating the mattress and the accessories that accompany it with the care that is recommended by the manufacturer. With proper care, the removable, antimicrobial mattress cover can help extend the life of the mattress while remaining as comfortable as they day you first got it.
    • Step 1

      Check the manufacturer's tag to ensure whether the mattress cover should be hand or machine washed. If not, abide by whatever instructions there are on the tag to avoid damaging the material. Unzip the top portion of the mattress cover from the non-slip bottom portion (which should not be washed).
    • Step 2

      Double check the maximum loading amount on your washing machine to ensure that it will be large enough to accommodate the cover. The manufacturer suggests that most Tempur-Pedic Mattress covers are too large for the average residential machine. Use an industrial sized machine if you have access to one.

    • Step 3

      Fill the washing machine with cool water and add the appropriate amount of a very mild detergent. Do not use any stain removers or chlorine based detergents as these will damage the cover. Add the cover and make sure it is fully submerged.
    • Step 4

      Wash the cover on the gentle or delicate cycle. When the cycle is through, check the damp cover to make sure that all the detergent has been rinsed off. If not, run it through the gentle cycle again without detergent until it is fully rinsed.
    • Step 5

      Although it is best to air dry a Tempur-pedic mattress cover, you may use the cool, tumble dry setting on the dryer if you wish. Remove the cover while it is still slightly damp and air dry for the final stage.
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