Wasp Stings Treatment

Wasp sting treatment, and how to prevent future stings.

At some point, most people are stung by a wasp. These insects give a venomous sting which is rather painful, can itch, and usually swells. If you or a family member is stung by a wasp, take note of the initial reaction. Are the symptoms restricted to the area of the sting, or is there swelling and hives more than 12 inches from the sting? If there is a reaction farther than 12 inches from the sting, see your doctor. This is a systematic reaction, and could be fatal.

Take a cotton ball and apply vinegar (white or apple) or pickle juice to the area. This will reduce swelling. If available, ibuprofen is the suggested over the counter pain medication. It works quickly to reduce swelling and pain.

Other over the counter medications that work well are hydrocortisone 1%, benzocaine spray, or antihistamine creme. These work to reduce swelling, pain and itching. However, the vinegar is just as effective if these are not available.

To avoid wasp stings, do not wear brightly colored clothing in areas known to be home to wasps. You should also avoid wearing perfumes, or strongly scented hair styling products.

If there is a wasp's nest on your property, call the proper authorities so they can come and destroy the nest. It is not advisable to attempt to destroy a wasp's nest on your own, unless you have a hankering for some stingering.

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