All About Waverly Bedding

All about what Waverly bedding has to offer to create a luxurious bedroom.

Making the bedroom the most luxurious room of any house is important aspect of decorating any home considering the average person will spend approximately one third of their life in this room. Decorators and homeowners have Waverly bedding to help with this dilemma. The designers at Waverly have created beautiful, custom-looking bedding ensembles without leaving out the comfort.

Waverly bedding products are often the choice of top-notch decorators. The reason for this is that Waverly products, such as comforters and other bedding accessories have a custom look and feel. The custom look and feel comes from the high quality material used to produce the bedding. Waverly chooses to use heavy chambray and damask instead of less expensive materials found on lesser quality bedding. Along with this high quality material, Waverly specializes in exceptional designs for its bedding and matching coordinates, further creating a custom, elegant, look for its customers.

Waverly bedding ensembles are available in twin, full, queen and king size. Each ensemble includes a reversible comforter, bed skirt and pillow shams. Categorized by lifestyles, these ensemble collections are Modern Living, Beautiful Things, Town and Country and Past Perfect.

Crisp, clean and classic all perfectly describe the Modern Living Lifestyle. The bedding ensembles in this line transform the bedroom into a warm climate with sand, surf and a welcoming, light tropical breeze. These ensembles are beautifully decorated with a tropical feeling, including lighthouses, palm trees, pineapples, passionflowers and orchids, which can even lead to a nautical theme if the decorator so chooses.

Pretty, fresh and floral begins to describe the Beautiful Things Lifestyle. The ensembles included in this collection boast a very feminine personality, complete with beautiful roses and floral sprays that conjure up the image of a romantic garden, complete with butterflies, ladybugs and bees. The designs found on the ensembles included in this Waverly lifestyle group are reminiscent of English gardens or French countrysides as well as Colonial Williamsburg.

Classic, timeless, and versatile best describe the Town and Country Lifestyle. This lifestyle has two definite personalities - Town and Country. The town perspective is traditional, elegant and refined while the country perspective is relaxed traditional. The designs of these ensembles are black toile, multicolored toile, a graceful paisley motif in a scroll-like design, an ensemble that creates a Tuscan villa mood complete with grape vines, or a simple country collection in blue and white.

Eclectic, bold and romance describes the Past Perfect Lifestyle. Past Perfect Lifestyle has three ensembles created with trailing floral bouquets and bold stripes. Waverly used an antique inspiration to create this beautiful ensemble. This collection is perfect for casual living along with a soft, comfortable environment. The designs of these ensembles are aged romantic patterns with soft, mellow colors. This lifestyle has the most nostalgic, vintage designs of the entire Waverly collection.

Waverly also carries a full line of matching coordinates for each of the bedding ensembles within the lifestyles. These coordinates include fabric, wallpaper, borders, window, decorative pillows and even lamps. Everything needed to complete the full picture of the most beautiful, luxurious bedroom anywhere, for any distinguished taste.

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