What Is The Best Way To Care For A Nose Piercing?

What is the best way to care for a nose piercing? Tips and techniques for the care and maintenance of a new nose piercing. It is best to put a ring in a nose piercing. If you have a stud in your nose and...

It is best to put a ring in a nose piercing. If you have a stud in your nose and you cannot clean around it well, you have a higher possibility of infection. You can clean it, inside and outside. But with a ring, you can then clean the ring and let it rotate through. It is much more advisable to do it that way and, of course, after it heals you can pull it out and put whatever you want there.

You can get a big infection in the nose. The outside of the nose has a lot of sebaceous glands. These glands are the type that breaks down and has actual cellular products in it. So, the oily stuff on the side your nose is full of bacteria. That is the first problem. Secondly, the inside of the nose is full of bacteria too because your nose filters out the air as it comes in.

To treat an infected nose piercing, you will need to clean it very well with antibacterial ointment. If it starts to really get infected, we advise you to take it out. You want to be careful and not get an infection of that close to you know your brainstem. This is the danger in getting your nose pierced. If your nose piercing is infected it will be obvious. It will be swollen, painful, puffy and red.

Though there is no scar, there is little pock marking.

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