What Are Some Ways To Add Storage Space To Your Home Without Adding On To It?

What are some ways to add storage space to your home without adding on to it? Maximizing existing storage space with the help of professionals will help with organization without having to add on to your house.

Before considering adding on to your home, you should, "First make sure that you've maximized the storage of the space that you to have," says Lorie Marrero, who is the owner of "LivingOrder", a professional organization company that creates organizing solutions for homes and businesses. When asked "What are some ways to add storage space to your home without adding on to it?", she offers this example: "A lot of closets are very poorly designed, especially in older homes. So you can get a lot more room out of them if you redesign them with professional closet designer. Maybe a closet installation company such as California Closets or Maxwell Closet Classics here in Austin. They are experts at trying to squeeze out every bit of space and tailor it to the things that you have."

She goes on to advise, "Look for areas that could have storage but don't. If you have big, flat wall then yes, you can build shelves there. You can also buy a piece of furniture that has a storage space in it... you can even find storage in weird places like the ceiling of your garage. There are these great products called Haylofts. They're shelving units that hang down from the ceiling of your garage that hold 200 pounds. The garage is often wasted space for most people. So it's almost like creating a little attic there."

More spaces of the home that are often overlooked are underneath stairways, above doorways and the odd little nooks and crannies previous add-ons to an older home often created. Sometimes, something as simple as rearranging can create new storage possibilities. For instance, removing a plant stand from in front of a window and building a window seat there instead offers "charm" as well as storage. If you cannot find a place to relocate the stand to, then invest in some hanging pots and you have instant "window dressing". If you have a larger kitchen, adding a quaint pot rack can clear out quite a few cupboards and forces you to organize your pots, lids and the larger cooking utensils that you hang from them.

If you have an unused closet, say in a guest room, instead of purchasing organizers for it, why not rip it out altogether and design a book shelf or small desk area in the opening that is left? You can always add a small dresser to store any houseguest's belongings for the duration of their stay. Another tip is to use the often wasted space beneath beds. There are many containers marketed for just that use. Along with gaining extra room, you will also have the bonus of not ever having to clean out all the junk that manages to make its way under there again.

Since every house is different, you will be able to think of other ways of gaining extra space that have not been discussed here Once you start searching your home for unique ways to add storage without adding on to it, you will be surprised at the limitless opportunities you are presented with.

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