Ways To Curl Hair: Heated Curling Irons

Instructions for 2 hairsyles using a curlingiron. These 2 styles teach the basics of curling iron use.

Heated curling irons are one of the staples of hair styling.The cylindrical clamps to wrap hair around began hundreds of years ago in nearly the same shape you find now, but instead on an internal heating element they were thrust into the fire or left on a hot stove.

Now curling irons come in many sizes and designs.There are gigantic ones for making very soft large curls.There are irons specifically designed to make perfect spirals.There are double barreled irons and there are hollow irons that curl and dry your hair simultaneously.For these instructions a standard iron design will due, preferably with a one or one and a half inch barrel.

Before you start curling your hair, you'll need to prep it.Wash and condition it as usual.If you use a leave in conditioner, styling gel, or any other product on your wet hair do so now, but be light with the product.Goop weighs your hair down and can prevent curls from staying all day.Dry with a blow dryer on the low to medium settings.

For the first style we'll be curling the very ends of the hair just a little for a casual, flirty day look. We'll be curling one to one and a half inch wide chunks of hair.You should curl larger pieces if you have fine hair, and narrower bits if your hair is thick.

Set your curing iron for its hottest setting and give it enough time to heat up all the way.Depending on the age of your iron this can vary from 5 to 15 minutes.

Hold the curling iron horizontally with the clamp on top.Clamp a section of hair and gently pull the iron down the hair until the very tips of section are directly under the clamp.Roll the section under, keeping the iron horizontal.

Hold the section still while it is wrapped on the iron, and count slowly to twenty.It your hair is very think or if you rolled a very long section of hair count to 30.When you've reached your target number unroll the curling iron without pulling and open the clamp to release the curl.

Repeat this process all the way around your head.Do not "break" the curls until you've completed curling everything.You'll want to comb or brush out the curls to relax their shape, but wait until they have cooled completely.This will take about 20 minutes after the last curl is set.Cooling sets the curl for the day and helps prevent "fall out."

After the curls have cooled, but before you comb them out spray on a light finishing spray.Comb out the look and you're ready to show off!

Out second style will be spiral curls all over the head.Use the same preparation methods and equipment described above.We'll be working with one inch or smaller strips.For this look we need to have clips or scrunches handy to hold sections of hair out of the way.You will also need enough setting spray to spray each section before you curl it.

We will work from the bottom of the head, so confine the top 3/4 of your hair.Comb the tangles out of the loose section and divide a one inch section for curling.Spritz the section with setting spray and roll the entire length of the section onto the iron (as described above).Hold this for a 30 count before gently unrolling and releasing the section.

If your hair is very long and/or think, you may have to curl each section in two parts.You will roll the section from tip to the halfway point and then release it.Then you will spritz the root part of the section of hair and carefully clamp the center of the hair, beginning with the last part that was previously curled.Roll from the tip of the iron to the center, leaving the already-curled portion loose.Count and release as usual.This will give the entire length of your hair access to the heat without damaging the tips.

Alternate curling horizontally with curling vertically to give the spirals more variety.When you've curled the entire bottom 1/4 of your hair carefully release the next 1/4 and repeat the process.Keep the mist of settling spray focused on the section you are curling, and try to avoid setting the finished curls and the uncurled sections.A single "˜pump' of spray on each section of hair should be more than adequate.

Repeat the entire process on the other sections of hair.Do not break or comb out any of the finished curls until at least 20 minutes after the very last curl is set.Brushing through spiral curls tends to make them frizz, so restrain yourself and break up the look with a pick or just your fingers.Lightly spritz the entire style, and prepare to "˜wow' your friends with a head-full of perfect glossy spiral curls.

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