Ways To Curl Hair: Overnight Rollers And Rags

Ways to get great curls with rollers and rag rolling.

For centuries, women have tried different methods of providing long-lasting curl with minimum effort.

From the pin curl days of the 1940s starlets to the present day spiral perms, curls have always been in fashion. Unless you're one of those lucky people with a head full of beautiful curls, you have to work at it like the rest of us. Fortunately, through trial and error you have a wide range of possibilities to choose from when it comes to curling your hair.

A popular method of curling hair has always been heat processing. Curling irons, perms and hot rollers all offer great curl potential and long lasting style. Curling irons and hot rollers apply direct heat to your hair for a short period to help create curl faster. After prolonged use, these methods can cause split ends, breakage and dry your hair out. Perms offer the longest lasting curl as it changes the structure of your hair with chemicals. Unfortunately, these methods also offer the possibility of damage to your hair.

The way to avoid damage to hair while still getting great curls can be time consuming. That is why heat process is so popular; it eliminates the time involved when curling your hair. However, for those wanting to avoid more damage and still get great lasting curl, rollers or curlers will do the job admirably.

Gone are the days of hard and uncomfortable rollers that hurt your head and interrupt your sleep. Today we have soft foam curlers that do the job just as well. These curlers also have the benefit of being porous, which helps air circulate and dry damp hair faster. When choosing the roller size, remember that larger rollers will give you big full curls or loose waves and the smaller ones will give you a curlier look.

Before you begin rolling, make sure you start with clean hair that is damp. Do not over-condition your hair before rolling, as this will often cause the curls to fall out prematurely. Divide your hair into one-inch sections and use a little style gel if you want more hold. Start by rolling the ends around and under the curler making sure the hair remains smooth as you roll in the direction you want to curl to fall. If you leave the ends poking out or wrap and twist them, you will end up with unwanted frizz. Leave the rollers in overnight or until the hair is dry completely and remove them gently without pulling. Spray your hair after with hair spray for a longer lasting result.

Rag rolling is a method of curling hair that is making a comeback in recent years. This method has been used for centuries as an inexpensive and effective way to achieve long-lasting curl. It is even credited as the way many women in medieval times used to create a riot of curls. Rag rolling is exactly what the name implies; you use small pieces of material, or rags to roll your hair. These rags can be from leftover sewing materials, old sheets or most any strips of cotton or linen. Strips one inch wide are ideal and the length of the fabric depends on the length of your hair.

It is advisable to wash your hair the day before you rag roll unless your hair is heavily soiled. Dampen your hair and starting with the ends, wrap your hair around the fabric strip near one end. Work your way up the fabric strip evenly until the hair is wound almost to the scalp. You will want to make sure you leave some fabric on both sides of the rag. Simply tie both ends of the rag together near the scalp after winding, making sure it is not too tight for comfort. Leave the rags in your hair overnight and be sure the hair is completely dry in the morning before removing the rags. When wrapped properly the rags should unwind with ease when you remove them.

Both rollers and rag rolling can be a time consuming way to achieve beautiful curls, but with a little practice and patience, they help you create the curls you want without the damaging effects of heat processing.Both methods can give you an amazing head of curly hair that lasts and lasts.

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