Ways To Tell You Are Ready For A New Career

Are you ready for a new career? Here are some sure fire ways to know that it is time to start searching for a new career.

There are some of us who dreamed of becoming fire fighters or veterinarians or lawyers since we were five years old. We spent our entire adolescence dreaming of entering a certain career, our high school years taking classes that were geared towards our career choice and our college career majoring in the degree that would get us a foot in the door. For these people, career choices never altered and they were able to successfully reach their dreams. Then there is another group of people whose career dreams changed from dancer to ballerina to actress all in one year. They got to college and were still bewildered about what they should major in. Sometimes they picked their major based on one class they did well in. Other times they picked a major because it was something their parents or friends pushed them into studying. This group of people might find themselves later in a career they were never really inspired to be in. In fact, a large group of people often find themselves stuck in a career path they want to get off. Here are some ways to determine if you are, indeed, ready for a new career.


Do you find yourself often daydreaming of being in another career? Maybe you are at work in an important meeting about profit margins and revenues and all you can think about is how great it would be to take a cooking class in France so you can one day open up your own catering company. Maybe you already have names picked out for this new company you want to start. If you think about being in a new career on a daily basis, you may need to start researching what it would take to begin a journey down a new career path. Sure, when deadlines are approaching and the busy season has arrived at your job, for a few weeks you might start thinking the grass is greener on the other side, but if your daydreaming seems to be consuming you on a day to day basis, you really should start questioning why you are staying in your current career.

Loss of Focus and Motivation

Are you spending a lot of time both in and out of work searching for new jobs online or in the newspaper? Do you feel completely unmotivated by the work you are performing at work or do you feel like you are not being challenged enough? If this is so, you may want to speak to your boss about taking on some new duties or responsibilities. If this still does not work and you find that you are not motivated to perform well at your job, a new career might need to be found on the horizon. Losing your focus at work can be attributed to many things including work that is not challenging, a boss that is hard to deal with, co-workers who are difficult to work with or the need for a career change. It is up to you to rule out everything else before deciding on switching gears and changing your career.

Dreading Work

When the alarm goes off in the morning, most of us just want to roll over and go back to bed. Why? Mainly because it is no fun having to wake up to an alarm. However, if you hate the sound of an alarm because the thought of dragging yourself into work seems stifling or overwhelming, you might be ready for a change. Mark Twain once said that in order to be successful you must make your vocation your vacation. A career or job should not be something you dread everyday. If it is, you are wasting your time on a job that can offer you no happiness. Now might be the time to research your options so you can take the plunge into a career that you will be excited about.

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