The Best Ways To Treat Diaper Rash

The best ways to help your baby avoid diaper rash.

Diaper rash can become a serious problem for your baby if left untreated. It can cause mild to severe pain and will definitely make your child cranky and uncomfortable. Mild forms of diaper rash can look like a red rash or irritation and some severe cases of diaper rash can look like blisters. The rash is raised and shiny. Diaper rash can occur at any time for any baby, whether your baby is wearing a cloth diaper or a disposable diaper. Even though cloth diapers are supposed to be better at preventing diaper rashes, your baby will still occasionally get them.

There is no one cause for diaper rash. Diaper rash can occur in a baby because of something that they ate such as certain fruits and it can also occur when a baby is teething. The most common cause of diaper rash is leaving a baby in a dirty diaper for too long. The wetness will irritate your baby's bottom causing a diaper rash to form. Allergies to certain wipes can also cause a rash to appear.

There are many things that you can do to help your baby to get rid of the diaper rash. There are various creams, lotions and powder that are designed to aid in the diaper rash problem. Desitin, A&D and Balmex are the most common diaper rash creams. They can come in ointment or cream form. The cream is easier to clean up, but the ointment seems to coat your baby's bottom better. Gerber has a diaper rash lotion which helps to form a coating over your baby's bottom to aid in preventing diaper rash. Balmex also has a cornstarch powder which is designed to help prevent diaper rash. These are the top brands to use when dealing with diaper rash and trying to prevent diaper rash from starting.

To help prevent diaper rash from starting on your baby, follow these steps.

A. Change your baby often.

B. At each changing, clean your baby thoroughly and apply either a diaper rash cream or lotion.

C. Then apply the Balmex powder or another cornstarch powder.

D. Keep your baby's diapers snug but not too tight where no air gets in there.

If your baby already has diaper rash, use these steps to help get rid of it and soothe your baby.

A. Change your baby often.

B. At each changing, clean your baby's bottom with water and a soft washcloth. Gently clean the irritated area being careful not to be too rough.

C. Allow your baby's bottom to air dry for a few minutes. D. Apply the diaper rash ointment or cream. (the lotion does not really work in severe cases)

E. Apply the Balmex powder or another cornstarch powder. F. Give your baby some time without his or her diaper each day. By exposing your baby's bottom, you are giving it a chance to air out, heal and thereby prevent future outbreaks of diaper rash.

Diaper rash is beatable and it is also preventable. But using these precautions mentioned, you can reduce the number of diaper rash outbreaks that your baby will get while in diapers. You will also keep you baby's bottom soothed and help it heal quicker if he or she already has diaper rash.

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