What Is The Wear Life Of A Boot?

What is the wear life of a boot? Cowboy boots last longer if you take better care of them. Leather heel counters help Lucchese boots remain comfortable and absorbs moisture in the boot. It all depends on...

It all depends on how you take care of it. We have seen boots come back to our factory that are 40-50 years old and they look great, they are just ready for a new sole. One of the options that we make available on our Lucchese classics is the ability to send them back to us and we will rebuild them for you. So we have got boots that were made in the days when the plant was in San Antonio. So you can wear your boots for a lifetime really. It's such a unique piece of footwear. Nothing against tennis shoes at all, but they tend to be really fluffy and full of cushion. After six or seven months of wearing them, they start to break down and you find yourself replacing them once a year. They obviously don't fit as tightly or fit as well as they did when you pulled them off the shelf; boots are not like that. Since it is all leather as opposed to all cushion and padding, nothing really breaks down except for whatever is being worn on the out sole. With boots, the more you wear them, the more comfortable they get. We have what is called a leather heel counter and that's the material that actually touches your heel when you are inside the boot. It is just a piece of leather that is shaped, and that leather has a property that absorbs the moisture in the boot; it's really important when somebody is going out to buy a pair of boots. The first remark here is "my heel slips." Well that's good; that's okay; it is supposed to. What that leather heel counter will do as you break in that boot or that leather will absorb the moisture and actually swell around your heel, thus preventing it from slipping any further.

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