What Is The Weather Like In Rochester, Minnesota?

What is the weather like in Rochester, Minnesota? Rochester, MN has subways and skyways so visitors won't have to walk in the winter snow. We definitely have four seasons in Rochester. We have a very nice...

We definitely have four seasons in Rochester. We have a very nice summer which is a little bit longer than what the northern part of Minnesota gets. A lot of people think of snow when they think of Minnesota, but we actually have a pretty nice summer climate. It reaches into the 80s for 4 or 5 months before going into the fall. Fall is a glorious time that we like to call sweater weather. Everybody knows about winter in the Midwest. Temperatures dip down into the 20s. Snowfall typically runs somewhere around the 50 to 60 inch mark for the entire winter, so it's not too bad. The great thing about downtown Rochester is that it's all connected by a skyway, subway, and pedestrian subway so people don't have to walk outside in the snow. Springtime is obviously a great time. All the flowers are blooming and grasses are greening up. It's great to visit here. We have maps available at our visitor center right downtown on the third floor of Galleria Mall. We can certainly mail those out, too.

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