Why The Weather In Oregon Cannot Be Topped

The mild weather in Southern Oregon is tough to beat and the reason people often stay once they discover Oregon's drier paradise.

Southern Oregon is paradise found for the people who enjoy the mild climate. Despite Oregon's reputation as being best-suited for ducks, the southern part of the state is quite different than the northern neighbors.

Annual precipitation in Southern Oregon is lower than places like Chicago, Illinois. Rainfall averages less than 30 inches in most areas, not including the coastal locations which receive over 50 inches most years.

The rain falls during half the year, but at a much slower pace than stormier places prone to thunderstorms. The rain is usually soft and gentle, with the exception of heavy rain during some winter storms. Much of it feels like a steady drizzle or even less. Some jokes circulate through Oregon that there are varying degrees of precipitation, from mist to drizzle and shower and rain. Take your pick on any given day.

The great part about the rain during the winter is that the grass is green when the rest of the country is brown or white in most places. Flowers continue to bloom, which maintains the paradise-look to Southern Oregon.

Temperatures in Southern Oregon rarely fall below 20 degrees depending on where you are. Higher locations will have nighttime temperatures in the teens during the winter while lower elevations are much warmer. Daytime temperatures average around 50 degrees, again depending on elevation. There can be some days hovering in the 30's with fog, but that is usually the exception.

Summer weather is hard to beat. The sun shines for weeks on end with no clouds in sight. The dew point is typically less than 50 and that makes humidity a rare occurrence. Winds are light to nonexistent, except in the coastal areas where wind or breeze is the norm.

Nighttime temperatures in the summer are cool and comfortable. There is little need for air conditioning during the night because the coastal location of most of Southern Oregon provides a natural air conditioner. Averaging in the 50's and night and occasionally in the 60's, the nights are for light jackets. As summer wanes and fall arrives, temperatures start dipping into the 40's overnight.

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