Website Building Information

By C.D. Crowder

  • Overview

    Website Building Information
    Website Building Information
    Building a Website is a great way to express yourself, create a business, or promote an existing business. No matter what your skill level is, you can build a Website. Knowing Internet basics will help though. There are free hosts available that will help you through the building process. You can also design your own from scratch. This will require you to know at least HTML. The most important thing to remember is to have a plan in place for the type of Website you want. This will make the building process easier and more fun.
  • Facts

    Websites can be as complex or simple as the designer desires. Building a website can mean typing information into pre-designed templates or carefully coding your own from scratch. There are numerous free hosts, paid hosts, free templates, design tools and programming tutorials available on the internet. Depending on the type of Website, knowledge of SEO may be in order. Most people will want to have a basic understanding of HTML before building a Website. It is also important to have a basic plan or outline of your site before starting.
  • Risk Factors

    Building a Website may result in stolen information, especially if you create an online business. Security is vital but is sometimes overlooked by beginners. Personal Websites run the risk of revealing too much information. Placing a full name, address, phone number, or other personal identifying information can result in someone stealing your identity, stalking you or worse. This is especially risking for teen Web designers. Other risks include causing computer crashes by opening your site up to viruses. Security should be carefully considered before a site goes live.

  • Benefits

    Building a Website is good way to promote yourself, your ideas or your business. You can make money by blogging and offering customers advertising space. Your business can greatly increase by simply having a Web presence for people to research. A Website can help you keep in touch with friends or express your opinions to the world. Building a Website can also benefit artists. Artists of all types can show the world how talented they are by showcasing music, video, writing and images. Whether the site is for personal or business reasons, you can benefit by building a Website.
  • Features

    Websites feature information about you, your business or your interests. This can be in the format of forums, pictures, blogs, audio, videos, links to other sites and pretty much anything your heart desires. You can sell products and services and reach millions of customers at once by building a Website. Many Websites offer flash video, interactive Java, downloadable content or a place for visitors to share their own ideas, pictures and video.
  • Functions

    The function of a Website is up to you. Many build Websites to showcase their talents to prospective employers. Students especially may build a Website simply to showcase their programming abilities. The main function of a Website is to draw people to your ideas, products or both. Basically, you are putting yourself or your business online for the world to see.
  • Type

    The main types of websites are business and personal. However, social and informational sites are becoming just as popular. Business sites promote a business or sell products. Personal sites can range from a basic page of interests to a resume to a detailed journal of a person's life and interests. Social sites are designed to draw in groups of people. They allow people to create profiles, join in discussions and share information with their friends. Informational sites offer visitors information on their interests and problems. These sites may be built by individuals or organizations.
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