Wedding Bouquets And Flowers: Blue Flower Ideas

What are several types of blue flowers which are good to use for wedding floral arrangements and what are their purposes.

Choosing the color for your wedding is a very personal decision.After the color is chosen, then the fun can begin.Choosing the types of flowers that you use for your bouquets and other floral arrangements is also a personal decision.There are many choices for each color that a couple may choose.Here are a few different flowers that are available for the color blue. Blue Anemones are one such choice.These flowers have several different types, some of which are spring flowers and others of which are fall flowers.Anemones are primarily a wild flower.

Cornflowers are another of the blue flowers.These flowers are multi-stemmed flowers which mean that for each stem of flowers, there are several blossoms.They commonly bloom from March through May.The stems of the plant also have a bluish-gray appearance to them as well, which flows well with the blue theme.

The hyacinth is another popular blue flower.These are more commonly a fall flower.Hyacinths can give a bouquet or floral arrangement a unique look.They are a taller flower and will tower over the others with an arc of color. Hydrangeas are another more unique flower to use.The blossoms on the top of the stem form a large sphere of color.These particular flowers are excellent for use as the centerpiece of a bouquet or floral arrangement.Many other flowers can compliment the blue sphere.

The iris is another popular blue flower.These flowers have a unique shape to them.Irises are popular garden flowers and come in many different color variations including several different blues.There are also different variations such as bearded and non-bearded.This refers to the petal on the flower that hangs down from the rest of the flower.All of these are appropriate for use in wedding floral arrangements.

One flower that serves as a great filler flower rather than a main piece is the misty-limonium.These flowers are available year round and are made up of little tiny masses of flowers.Misty-limonium is very good for filling in around the other main flowers and giving the bouquet or floral arrangement a more full appearance.These flowers are native to Japan and have only recently begun to be used in the United States.

Monkshood is a rarer blue flower found in the Midwest.It consists of a small one inch hood shaped flower.There can be multiple blossoms found on each stem.These small flowers serve as excellent accent flowers to set off a bigger, main flower in an arrangement.

Scabiosas are a blue flower with a pin cushion-like center.Thus they are also known as pin cushion flowers.They are also a very fragrant flower with blossoms that are 2-3 inches in size.These flowers thrive in warm weather so are more likely to be found in the summer months. Delphinium is another excellent accent flower.These flowers come with multiple blossoms in either light blue or dark blue on a single stalk.The stalks range in size from one foot long to several feet long.They can be cut to fit the size of the bouquet or other floral arrangement.Delphinium is highly poisonous though and should be kept away from small children and pets.

Choosing blue flowers to go with the blue theme at a wedding can be a difficult decision.These are just a few of the many flowers that you can use when planning your bouquets and floral arrangements.

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