Wedding Bouquets And Flowers: Exotic Flower Ideas

There are many choices available to the bride who wants to have wedding flowers and a bouquet that are exotic and not the traditional wedding choices.

Wedding bouquets have been a tradition for centuries.In the past, brides would carry bouquets of strong smelling herbs such as garlic or rosemary to ward off evil spirits.Nowadays, we prefer to have guests at our weddings notice how attractive our bouquets are, not be repelled by the strong scent of them.Many brides are now choosing to use exotic flowers in their bouquets.These kinds of flowers provide lush color and a contemporary feel to the traditional bridal bouquet.But what kinds of exotic flowers are available?

It is very important to plan for the cost of the flowers.Wedding planners suggest that the flowers consume only about 10% of the total wedding budget.So the kind of flowers that are chosen need to be considered for how much they will cost as well as how they will look.Any good bouquet designer should be able to recommend flowers that are appealing and that are within the proposed budget.The key is knowing ahead of time how much money the bride can spend.Choose a designer who is willing to communicate about the styles, colors and arrangements that fit in with the bride's plans.It is a good idea to get some references from other brides and to look at the designer's portfolio to make sure that he/she can create the look the bride has in mind.

Some of the more popular exotic flowers for a bouquet and wedding arrangements are calla lilies and orchids.Calla lilies come in a variety of colors, from creamy white to glorious orange and regal purple.Calla lilies are elegant and graceful, with long green stems that lend themselves well to bouquets for both the bride and bridesmaids.Mini calla lilies can be used with other flowers as well.Another choice is orchids.One favorite is the dendrobium orchid, which is dramatic and gorgeous.Orchids are also available in a variety of colors to give your wedding that lush, tropical feel, whether the wedding is on a beach or in a church.The best thing about calla lilies and orchids is that they are not as expensive in the summer months, when they are most available.

Lilies are an excellent choice and are used a lot in more exotic bouquets and arrangements.Stargazer and Tiger lilies make any bouquet beautiful with their attractive colors and striking shapes.They are also relatively inexpensive and easily available.Other, more exotic choices for wedding flowers include the Bird of Paradise, which is a South African flower that has spiky fan shaped red flowers and deep green stems and leaves.Red Ginger is a bulb-shaped flower with long stems, and Anthurium has a large red waxy plate with a long yellow pistil.A lot of exotic bouquets are accentuated with Heliconia, which has spiky flowers and thick green foliage, and Dragon's Tongue, which is long, thin green stems that curl naturally.Many of these flowers grow in Hawaii, where they are abundant.However, if a bride chooses some of these, they have to be imported and the expense of the flowers will be greater than those grown domestically.

A beautiful, exotic looking bouquet and other arrangements for the wedding can be created with many different flowers.A good designer will be able to create the floral arrangements that they bride is happy with no matter what her tastes or price range.

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