Wedding Bouquets And Flowers: Fall Flower Ideas

Ideas for unique and beautiful flowers available in the autumn for fall weddings and bouquets, including their names and colors and suggestions for combining them.

When having a wedding in the fall, it may seem you don't have much choice in flowers for your wedding or bouquet.Many people never realize how many beautiful flowers start their blooming when the rest of the garden begins to die down in preparation for the cold winter.Almost all the vibrant colors available to us in the summer can be found in a cooler-weather loving bloom.

You can design your bouquet, to keep an autumn feel, and use the many reds, yellow, and oranges, or you can impart a feeling of spring with whites pinks, purples, and blues.A bride's bouquet also looks lovely with a combination of the two, and would definitely be unique and memorable.

Here are some of the flowers available in autumn that would be great for a wedding or bouquets:

Aster- comes in different shades of blue, and a rosy colored type.

Coneflowers- also called Echinacea purpurea, and sometimes Alba, they are little pink

daisy-like flowers.

Joy-Pye Weed- they are rosy-colored flowers.

Mums- always plentiful in the fall, seen in bright reds, oranges, yellows, and sometimes pinks.

Oriental Lily- comes in pinks, whites, and reds.

Phlox- well-known autumn flowers, come in many shades of red, pink, purple, orange, white, and combinations of them.

Queen Anne's Lace- you can still find this bouquet staple lingering around.It, of course, resembles lace, and fits into all color schemes perfectly.

Sedum (Autumn Joy) - they are bunches, sometimes big bunches, of tiny purple flowers.

Shasta Daisies- they are bred in more colors than just white now, there are salmon pink ones, and bright golden yellows.

You can also sometimes find Day Lilies, which have a wonderful yellow color, and are streaked with red or orange.

Baby's breath is also always available if you need filler for your bouquet.

Some ideals for putting them together:

Shasta Daisies would make a great bouquet of just themselves.Choose one color, or combine all three.

A sphere of Queen Anne's Laces has a very modern look.You can do the same with phylox for a colored sphere.

Bunch together different types of flowers with all the same color for a simple, artsy bouquet.Red mums, phlox, and lilies would look great.For a festive yellow bouquet, try some day lilies, yellow Shasta daisies and a few mums.Even in fall you can find blues, pinks, and a few purples too.

A blue and purple bouquet looks great against a white dress.Try some aster and sedum together, or phlox with some aster tucked in.

Many people like a pink bouquet.There are salmon pink Shasta daisies that look great with a little baby's breath, or bunch together some coneflowers with some Joe Pye Weed.Oriental lilies also come in pink, and would look great by themselves or added to others.

Contrasting colors give a bouquet a cheery look.Mix some pinks with some blues, or try some white with dark purples.A yellow flower bunch peppered with small purple flowers looks bright and cheerful, or mix yellows and purples evenly.Day lilies and purple phlox would look nice.

Tiny apples or persimmons, still on their branches also look great in a bouquet of longer stemmed flowers.Some tiny ornamental oranges would also be nice.

No matter your tastes, the surprising abundance of autumn flowers is sure to insure you can design the perfect bouquet for your fall wedding.

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