Wedding Bouquets And Flowers: Lavender Flower Ideas

Lavender flowers that make a great addition to wedding floral arrangements. Information on design and blooms.

Choosing the color for your wedding is a very personal decision.After the color is chosen, then the fun can begin.Choosing the types of flowers that you use for your bouquets and other floral arrangements is also a personal decision.There are many choices for each color that a couple may choose.Here are a few different flowers that are available for the color lavender. Roses are a great choice for wedding flowers and also a classic.They come in many variations of many colors.One of these colors includes lavender.Roses are universal and can be used in floral arrangements either as accent flowers (usually in bud form) or as the centerpiece.

Lilacs are another flower that comes in lavender.Lilacs are very fragrant and can add an aura to the wedding ceremony.These flowers consist of many small blossoms clustered on the ends of the branches.They are more commonly found in the late spring to early summer.Lilacs are great for spring weddings in particular. Freesias come on a lavender color known as blue moon.The name states blue, but it is lavender in appearance.These small flowers make a great accent flower.This flower also boasts unique leaves which look almost sword-like.They also produce several blossoms on each stem.

Gladiolus can produce a unique look to your floral arrangements.These flowers grow up almost the entire length of the stem from large blossoms at the bottom to smaller ones at the top.There are more frequently found during the summer months and are typically considered a summer flower.There are several types of gladiolus.Large flowering gladiolus originated in the Netherlands.Butterfly gladioli are more recent and better for cutting.

Chrysanthemums (Mums) are an excellent flower to use for a fall wedding.These flowers are well known to be fall flowers and are good for a centerpiece.Mums come in several different varieties as well, so you can find one that fits the look you are going for.Decorative mums are more spherical in shape.Daisy mums look similar to a daisy.They have yellow centers and petals that fan out from this center.Spoon mums are a cross between the two.They are more flat, but the petals more resemble the decorative mums.

Lilies are another popular flower that can be used in wedding arrangements.The Broadway Lily is one variation that is lavender in color.It is actually a combination of white and lavender. Lilies are another flower that is universal and can be used as both a centerpiece for an arrangement or as an accent flower.Another lavender flower to use in arrangements is the dianthus.This is a flower that looks similar to a carnation.There is one bud per stem and can be used as both an accent and a centerpiece.Choosing lavender flowers to go with the lavender theme at a wedding can be a difficult decision.These are just a few of the many flowers that you can use when planning your bouquets and floral arrangements.

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