Wedding Bouquets And Flowers: Purple Flower Ideas

Purple flowers that are good for wedding floral arrangements.

Choosing the color for your wedding is a very personal decision.After the color is chosen, then the fun can begin.Choosing the types of flowers that you use for your bouquets and other floral arrangements is also a personal decision.There are many choices for each color that a couple may choose.Here are a few different flowers that are available for the color purple.

Asters are one type of flower that comes in the color purple.They are a smaller flower and generally serve the purpose of accent flowers in a floral arrangement.The blossoms on the plant are situated in clusters.They are most commonly found in late summer and fall.These flowers also boast a yellow center.

Roses are always a popular choice for wedding flowers.Roses come in a wide variety of different colors.Different shades of purple are among some of these colors.These flowers make an excellent choice for any wedding floral arrangement either as an accent or as a centerpiece.

Irises are another popular flower that also comes in shades of purple.Some variations are completely purple in color and others are a combination of purple and white.They come in two main varieties.There are bearded irises and non-bearded irises.These flowers are generally more available during the summer months.

Tulips are a more unusual choice, but also come in purple.These flowers are best known as a spring flower and make an excellent addition to a spring wedding.There are several different types of tulips available.Field tulips generally have a smaller head on them.Greenhouse tulips have medium sized heads and French tulips have the largest heads.

One type of flower that is great for an accent flower is purple sweet peas.These flowers originated in Italy back in the 17th century.Sweet peas are very fragrant in the evening which makes them a great addition to floral arrangements for an evening wedding.These flowers come on a long stem filled with clusters of blossoms.

Purple phlox is another type of flower that is good for an accent.These are also smaller flowers that are in a cluster at the top of the stem.This is also a fairly leafy plant which gives more green to the floral arrangements as well.

Another, more unique flower for accents is the stock.These flowers come in purple.Stock has many tiny blossoms that form a cone on the top of the stem of the plant.They make a very unique accent when placed in a floral arrangement.They can also be used as the centerpiece with other accent flowers around it.

Hydrangeas are a large sphere shaped flower made up of many small blossoms.These also come in purple varieties.These make a great centerpiece for a bouquet or for other floral arrangements.They also serve well to accent some other flowers as well.Choosing purple flowers to go with the purple theme at a wedding can be a difficult decision.These are just a few of the many flowers that you can use when planning your bouquets and floral arrangements.

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