Wedding Bouquets And Flowers: Tropical Flower Ideas

Here are some tips and suggestions for incorporating tropical flowers into wedding bouquets, veils, hair decorations and other floral arrangements.

Every bride hopes that her dream day is extra special, with colors, flowers and memories which are uniquely her own. From the bridesmaids' dresses to the decorations, everything must be perfect. Most women have a favorite flower, and often incorporate it into her wedding day decor. If you're undecided about what type of flowers to choose for this special day, tropical flowers are a beautiful selection, with their extraordinary colors and luscious fragrances. If your wedding is outside, tropical flowers are especially suitable, but many tropical flowers also work well with indoor arrangements. The yellow hibiscus, the Hawaiian state flower, is a large, beautiful and aromatic flower which is lovely when tied together with ribbons and placed at the ends of the seat rows, or carried in a bouquet with other tropical flowers. Since they are so big, hibiscus might not be the perfect selection for your table decorations, but a mini version of them can be found in the yellow ilima. For weddings with almost all white decor, these dabs of yellow can be the perfect touch. They're also perfect a coordination for lavender wedding themes, and make lovely hair decoration. If yellow is one of your wedding colors, the golden plumeria is a nice selection for arranging into a bouquet, or just sprinkle them here and there on the tables. Plumeria are easy to work into hair arrangements for the bride, bridesmaids or flower girl. Another popular flower of the Big Island is the ohia, which comes in red, orange, yellow or white. Gather two or three of these colors together with greenery for a unique and striking bouquet. Add tiny white kukui blossoms, some lace netting, and a satin ribbon for the finishing touch.

Orchids are somewhat easier to find than the ilima or kukui blossoms and come in a variety of colors. The most famous is the purple and white orchid which makes a memorable bouquet when combined with pink ginger and baby's breath. Add strings of white, silver or gold beads to the bouquet to give it glitz. Or, have the flower girl drop orchid petals on the floor as she walks down the aisle. Gladiolas are a tropical flower which grow on a stalk and are great for large floral arrangements at the altar. Tiger lilies and torch lilies can be added in for color. Pink plumeria is a good choice for a wedding bouquet. Wrap several groups of the plumeria with fern leaves, then tie with satin ribbon. Additional touches of plumeria can be sprinkled around the room and tied into the bridesmaids' hair.

Some weddings take place at the beach, barefoot and in native attire. If this sounds perfect to you, don't forget to wear an anklet made of something luscious like bougainvillea and white oleander. The groom can wear a matching anklet, and you can make a similar bouquet to carry. The groom can also wear a lei made of these flowers, while the bride wears a hair lei. If you want lots of color in your bouquet, try combining white plumeria with bird of paradise, heliconia and red ginger. Mix in some greenery and let satin ribbons cascade down from the bouquet. Make similar table bouquets, but add one additional flower or color to set them aside from the bridal bouquet. Drop plumeria, orchids or red ginger into the punch bowl for an even more tropical setting. Dahlias, in your choice of wedding colors, can be mixed with roses and baby's breath for the bouquet, then attach more baby's breath to the veil. Many brides would never dream of including the color red in their decor, but after viewing a bouquet made of red Ixora, you could change your mind. These are lovely mixed with yellow or white additional flowers and lots of greenery. Tropical flowers may be difficult to find in your area at certain times of the year, so check with your florist several weeks in advance to make sure that they are attainable. Also, talk to your florist and get recommendations for color selections, available varieties and possible other suggestions on choosing your wedding day tropical flowers.

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