Wedding And Bridal Flowers: Beach Wedding Bouquet Ideas And Designs

An essential part of any wedding is the bride's bouquet. Creating a bouquet that blends with a beach themed wedding provides unique challenges that can be easily overcome.

The sun.The surf.The people.The bouquet?Planning a shore side beach wedding carries a variety of challenges, but for the true ocean lover nothing is more romantic.The only piece of tradition that seems to be giving you fits is the bride's bouquet.You know you can fall back on the traditional flower bouquet, but the occasion seems to call for something different.Each element of the bouquet offers you an opportunity to bring the beach into your wedding a bit more.

The flowers themselves are of course the obvious place to start and offer a multitude of opportunities.Instead of rose, try star lilies.These five point flowers are a bright and fun option.The size of the lilies means that you can have a very simple and elegant bouquet with only a few flowers.The shapes of the flowers themselves are also reminiscent of a starfish.If you would like to have a larger or more traditional bouquet, think of adding in greenery that is found along the shore. Some marsh grasses and cattails are unusual and pretty and could serve to connect you to your surroundings.

You could forgo flowers altogether if you wish.Instead of a bouquet, carry a lit candle for a sunset nuptials ceremony.Place the candle on a makeshift altar to light a unity candle with later.You could also hold the taper through the ceremony and use it to light a beach bonfire after the service to start the shorefront reception.If you do decide to use a candle, the groom can also carry one through the ceremony.It is essential to remember to use tall tapers and taper holders that will catch the dripping wax.Scalded hands can swiftly ruin the ceremony.

If you do opt for the flower bouquet route, you are once again provided with a plethora of ideas for finishing off the bouquet.Within the bouquet itself you could take small seashells, hot glue or otherwise attach them to a stick, and insert them throughout like greenery.Seashell accents mixed with star lilies create an elegant bouquet.The seashell theme can be mirrored in the bride's hairstyle as well creating a complete ensemble appearance.

You can also use shore elements to augment the bouquet.Fish netting with embedded shells can be used to tie the bouquet together.Seaweed or rope ties can also be used to secure the bouquet. You could attach small ribbons with shells and starfish attached to them dangling from the bouquet.For a star lily bouquet attach a starfish to the ribbon around the bouquet to accent the lily's shape. For a more dramatic look, have the bouquet inside a conch shell - using the conch shell like a vase.

Whatever route you choose with your bouquet, the thing to remember is that it is your day.You chose the shore for a reason and you should celebrate you new life and your old love however you desire.By looking at the components that go into creating a bouquet, you have many options for creating a beach wedding bouquet.

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